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    Kiplinger8 hours ago

    9 IRS Audit Red Flags for Retirees

    ThinkstockIn 2015, the Internal Revenue Service audited only 0.84% of all individual tax returns. So the odds are generally pretty low that your return will be picked for review. That said, your

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    Kiplinger5 hours ago

    3 No-Brainer Stocks to Buy for Retirement

    Retirement investing is not what it used to be. The problem with the Federal Reserve's attempt to goose the economy is that it killed bond yields, forcing retired investors further out onto the risk curve, making it difficult to find safe stocks to buy. When it comes to retirement stocks, I have very firm requirements, which I'll describe in detail when I launch my stock advisory newsletter, The Liberty Portfolio, early next year.

  • Boeing tests new Rolls-Royce engines for Dreamliner 787-10 (Photos and Video)
    Puget Sound Business Journalyesterday

    Boeing tests new Rolls-Royce engines for Dreamliner 787-10 (Photos and Video)

    Rolls-Royce said its new Trent engine has powered a Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the air for the first time during a flight from Boeing Field Wednesday. The Trent 1000 TEN engine – TEN stands for thrust, efficiency and new technology – has been picked to power the first test flight of the Boeing 787-10 version of the Dreamliner next year, Rolls Royce North America spokesman Joel Reuter said. Wednesday's test flight took a Boeing 787-8 to an altitude of 43,000 feet and speeds near Mach 0.85 (Mach 1 is the speed of sound). Tests included in-flight restart performance and engine handling, Rolls-Royce said in a statement. The Trent 1000 powered the first Dreamliner 787-8 into service in 2011 and the