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  • Pogue's Basics: Organize your Facebook feed

    Have you ever wondered how Facebook decides what posts to show you? Here’s a hint: You’re not seeing everything your friends post. Not even close. Facebook’s computers try to decide which posts you’ll find most useful, based on your history of Liking and Sharing things. It also displays the most…

    David Pogue
  • How Amazon is helping 300 startups get to the next level

    Unlimited Engineering launched a Kickstarter campaign that makes any skateboard an electric one. Kickstarter is a great way to crowdfund a startup. Enter Amazon (AMZN), which launched a new partnership that hopes to keep the momentum going even after a Kickstarter project meets, or exceeds, its…

    Melody Hahm
  • Google beats expectations, shares jump

    Alphabet (GOOG), the parent of search giant Google reported numbers that were stronger than expected, and shares are rallying. “Our terrific second quarter results, with 21% revenue growth year on year, and 25% on a constant currency basis reflect the successful investments we’ve made over many…

    Sam Ro
  • Airlines now have to refund fees for delayed bags

    A new law makes it mandatory for airlines to refund baggage fees for delayed bags. Specifically, airlines must refund baggage fees automatically if luggage is delayed 12 hours after a domestic flight arrival or 15 hours after an international flight. On its website, the airline states that…

    Brittany Jones-Cooper
  • Amazon beats again in Q2, thanks to cloud services

    Amazon was facing a very high bar for its Q2 earnings report on Thursday—and it cleared that bar. Amazon beat on both metrics, with $30.4 billion in revenue and earnings of $1.78 per share. Amazon stock (AMZN) popped 3% in after-hours trading on the news.

    Daniel Roberts
  • Amazon, Google to report after the close

    Catch The Final Round at 4 p.m. ET with Alexis Christoforous and markets correspondent Nicole Sinclair. Stocks bucking the tough tape today include beaten down GoPro as the action camera maker reported a revenue beat and reiterated guidance, daily deals site Groupon soaring as profit and sales…

    Yahoo Finance
  • Say goodbye to 3D glasses

    Tired of wearing 3D glasses at the movie theater? That may be about to change.

    Yahoo Finance
  • Why investors should be thrilled about Facebook's Newsfeed change

    The panic among publishers is palpable. Facebook (FB) is tweaking its Newsfeed algorithm again – elevating posts from friends and family at the expense of all else and it is working. This is not the first time Facebook has made changes to its algorithm. What’s important is Facebook noticed a…

    Yahoo Finance
  • Experts can't agree on what the Fed said in its July statement

    For the first time this year the Fed acknowledged subsiding economic risks, a 180-degree pivot from the March statement when it warned of risks abroad. When the Fed finally voted to raise rates in December — for the first time in over a decade — the statement described risks as “balanced.” Many…

    Justine Underhill
  • You are seeing more ads on Facebook than ever before

    As Facebook’s global user base soared to 1.71 billion in the second quarter, its ad revenue soared too, up 63% in Q2 to $6.24 billion. The growth of Facebook’s total ad impressions (the number of times an ad is seen) was 49% last quarter, about even with the 50% growth of the prior quarter. When…

    Daniel Roberts
  • Pokemon has invaded earnings season

    On Tuesday, Apple (AAPL) was asked about the impact of the addictive augmented-reality (AR) game after the company reported better-than-expected revenues. CEO Tim Cook said the popularity speaks to the power of AR. “It’s incredible what has happened there,” Cook said on the company’s conference…

    Nicole Sinclair
  • Facebook is strong-arming users to download app they don't want

    Only utilities (XLU) are in the green, while industrials (XLI) are leading the way down. Alan Valdes, director of floor operations at Silverbear, joins us live from the New York Stock Exchange. To discuss the other big stories of the day, Alexis Christoforous is joined by Yahoo Finance’s Rick…

    Yahoo Finance
  • Facebook hits all-time high; Amazon’s second-quarter earnings; Ford sinks on miss

    Yahoo Finance is tracking the stocks you’re following, based on your Yahoo Finance ticker searches.

    Seana Smith
  • RAY DALIO: The New York Times is distorting reality

    Billionaire Ray Dalio, the founder of $160 billion hedge fund behemoth Bridgewater Associates, is once again publicly defending his hedge fund. This morning, he issued a statement slamming The New York Times over an article it ran on Wednesday that included details of an alleged sexual harassment…

    Julia La Roche
  • Facebook soars, Ford falls, Alphabet looks to bounce back

    The social networking giant’s second quarter earnings and revenue rocketed past analysts’ estimates mobile advertising jumped a whopping 84%, and the company added 60 million new users. Ford (F) shares fell in early trading after the automaker posted earnings that came in below Wall Street…

    Yahoo Finance
  • Ford fumbles after profit miss, Facebook aims for new high

    Stocks (^DJI, ^GSPC, ^IXIC) were mixed in early trading as investors mulled over a mixed bag of corporate earnings, including a big beat by Facebook and profit miss by Ford. Ford (F) shares fell in early trading after the automaker posted earnings that came in below Wall Street estimates for the…

    Yahoo Finance
  • Boeing says 30K new pilots needed every year to keep up with travel growth

    Well, throw on your captain’s hat, because the airline industry is looking for pilots…a lot of them. On July 22, Boeing (BA) released its pilot and technician outlook, which makes predictions for the long-term aviation market. As global economies expand, the aircraft manufacturer says the…

    Brittany Jones-Cooper
  • Facebook reports another mega quarter, crushing revenue

    Facebook just had another outstanding quarter, surprising no one. Facebook has only missed earnings one time since it went public in 2012. “Our community and business had another good quarter,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

    Daniel Roberts
  • Malcolm Gladwell: Black Lives Matter is about the ‘restoration of the American ideal’

    The Mothers of the Movement, a group of black mothers who lost their children to gun violence, endorsed Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday. As seven mothers walked across the stage to discuss their children’s deaths, several at the hands of police, chants of “black…

    Melody Hahm
  • Robert Shiller identifies the surprising source of the world’s problems today

    Global stocks have stabilized since Britain’s decision to leave the European Union rocked major indices worldwide. As economic uncertainty lingers, it may be hard to pinpoint the root of the world’s problems today. “People are worried about technology,” said Shiller.

    Seana Smith