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  • S&P 500 nears all-time highs as consumer spending, Fed in focus

    Catch The Final Round at 4 p.m. ET with Jen Rogers and Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer. Apple September 7 event confirmed, tax troubles ahead? Apple confirms its big September 7 event — with “See you on the 7th” as the only text on the invitation, obviously alluding to the iPhone 7.

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  • This real Boeing 747 jumbo jet is for sale on eBay

    If you’re feeling impulsive but aren’t baller enough to bid $3.46 million for a meal with Warren Buffett, you can find plenty of affordable deals on eBay (EBAY). One of those includes an online auction for a Boeing 747 airframe that ends this Friday at 6 p.m. The retired Boeing (BA) 747-400 is…

    Melody Hahm
  • Amtrak spending $2.45 billion on faster trains and improved stations

    Train travel is big business on the East Coast. In fact, Amtrak carried three times as many riders between Washington, DC, and New York City as the airline industry in 2015.

    Brittany Jones-Cooper
  • El-Erian: Here are 5 things markets are telling us post-Jackson Hole

    Given the rather quiet economic news flow away from Jackson Hole, market movements allow us to isolate the impact of what came out of the Symposium regarding the short-term outlook for Federal Reserve policy. 1. Yields on shorter-term maturities have notably moved up, with 2-year US Treasuries now…

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  • The Fed's feeble attempts at transparency show it's more confused than we are

    Take a look at Friday’s action in a series of asset classes to get a first-hand look at how markets reacted to the Fed’s attempt at transparency. In 2011 the Fed’s own communication policy stated that Fed officials should refrain from voicing their own views to the press.

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  • 'Historical data will show that in 2016 the US was in recession': Texas manufacturer

    Most economic data show that the US economy is still growing, albeit at a lackluster pace. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, US GDP grew at a 0.8% pace in Q2. “Sometime after the election, historical data will show that in 2016 the U.S. was in recession,” said a machinery…

    Sam Ro
  • Chipotle free drink promotion; T-Mobile upgrade; Credit Suisse bullish on Lululemon

    The company announced that it will give a free soda drink or iced tea to all high school and college students with the purchase of an entrée during the month of September. T-Mobile (TMUS) — Wells Fargo upgraded the wireless carrier to outperform from market perform as it expected free cash flow to…

    Seana Smith
  • Pizza drones are a thing

    In the future, drones could deliver your pizza.

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  • Mylan's EpiPen goes generic, Herbalife saga far from over, Caesars tanks on lawsuit ruling

    Caesars Entertainment (CZR) plunged following news late Friday that a judge refused to protect the parent company of bankrupt Caesars Entertainment Operating Company from multibillion-dollar bondholder lawsuits. Barron’s said cost cuts, the acquisition of Blue Coat Systems and new management could…

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  • Here comes the generic EpiPen

    Stock futures are little changed after Fed Chair Janet Yellen said in a speech on Friday that the case for higher interest rates has increased in recent months. Carl Icahn boosted his stake in Herbalife (HLF). Icahn says he bought another 2.3 million shares, boosting his stake to 21%.

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  • Why everybody needs to stop fixating on the Fed right now

    Watching everyone holding their breath waiting to hear what Janet Yellen was going to say in her speech in Jackson Hole on Friday reminded me of how, when I entered this business 45 years ago, investors would stand at the Dow Jones news wire every Thursday at 4:10pm to see what the money supply was…

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  • Why the first Olympic golf in 112 years was a success

    Men’s and women’s golf will be back in Tokyo in 2020, but its future at the Olympics beyond is uncertain. The fears and frustration following big-name defections melted away on the final day of the men’s golf, when Justin Rose of Great Britain birdied the final hole to hold off Sweden’s Henrik…

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  • This negative 3.5% 'buy the market' signal has been a moneymaker 81% of the time

    In the history of the stock market, some of the best buying opportunities occurred after sharp sell-offs, with some of the single best days following the single worst days. Adviser Investments’ Daniel Wiener reviewed the performance of the S&P 500 (^GSPC) — via the Vanguard 500 Index Fund (VFINX)…

    Sam Ro
  • Why the US Olympic Committee is not actually a trademark bully

    Most sports-related companies and brands didn’t spend the Olympics tweeting about the Olympics. Instead, many of them spent the Games subtweeting the US Olympic Committee for telling them not to tweet about the Olympics. The USOC was particularly aggressive about enforcing its trademarks in the…

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  • Here are the disturbing reasons ISIS marketing is so effective

    While many experts say the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria is on the decline, you wouldn’t know it from the organization’s public narrative. The ISIS propaganda strategy compels people to action: ISIS has persuaded an estimated 30,000 people from more than 85 countries to travel to hostile…

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  • Keep track of your stats while fishing

    Have you ever wanted to bring some tech into your fishing game? The Anglr Tracker’s got you covered. The device attaches to your fishing rod … … and is able to keep tabs on your cast count, cast direction and reeling behaviors. It also tracks your catches and the time spent fighting for them. …

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  • Here’s why email is still the best messaging app

    My latest descent into messaging hell came two weeks ago, when I saw a notification for a friend’s message pop up in the growing list of notifications on my Android phone. I reflexively tapped the button to clear the list — and then realized I didn’t remember which app the notification came from.

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