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  • Why it might be time to short this highflying stock

    Alex Rosenberg at Talking Numbers2 mths ago

    Who says the house always wins?

    It’s been a  bad week for casino stocks, with the highflying sector taking a hit on news on disappointing gaming revenue out of Macau. May monthly gaming revenue came in at $4 billion, which is a rise of 9.3 percent from the year prior. That might sound awesome, but investors were hoping for more – and sold casino stocks like Las Vegas Sands and Wynn as a result.

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    Of course, investors don’t have much to complain about. Over the past five years, growth from Macau has triggered rallies of about 450 percent in Wynn and 670 percent in Las Vegas Sands.

    But that very rally might be investors’ single best reason to stay away from these stocks at this point.

    “When you do the math, ultimately, you have to buy investments at a price,” pointed out Kevin Caron, portfolio manager and market strategist at Washington Crossing Advisors. “And when you look at valuation, we’re close to 12 or 13 times cash flow, EBITDA [earnings before taxes, depreciation, and amortization], so to me it’s not really a tremendous value here. Maybe you could buy it at better prices.”

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