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  • Apple's latest iPhone & iOS embarrassments

    Bernice Napach at Yahoo Finance26 days ago

    Apple’s (AAPL)  iPhone 6 Plus is not even a week old but it’s probably the most popular star on YouTube this week and the most talked about topic on tech blogs. Even my 10-year-old niece knows about the bendable 6.22-inch long and 3.06-inch wide phone and she doesn’t own an iPhone.

    A viral video on Youtube’s Unbox Therapychannel shows host Lewis Hilsenteger testing the rumors that the phone can bend when stored in front or back pants pockets. He tries to bend his iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands, and succeeds.

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    “It’s embarrassing,” says Yahoo Finance’s Henry Blodget. “Apple is insane about making phones light and thin. Maybe they went a little too far here.”

    The iPhone 6 Plus is very thin and light — at just 0.28 of an inch and 6.07 ounces -- compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (0.32 inch and 6.21 ounces).

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