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  • Little Debbie Logo Changes So Subtle You’d Hardly Know the Difference

    Caroline Kim at The Exchange 3 yrs ago

    The Little Debbie Snacks logo for McKee Foods has received a new look, but the changes are so subtle the company is asking its Facebook (FB) fans to find the differences.

    The dessert-snack company announced the new look on May 2 and asked its 1.6 million fans to note the changes in the comments. So far, over 2,200 people have commented, and most have guessed right. Can you see the differences below?

    The changes include:

    "We opted to make subtle changes because we wanted to keep the same wholesome look that was based on an original portrait of my cousin, Debbie McKee-Fowler," said Chris McKee, executive vice president of marketing and sales for McKee Foods, in the press release.

    The logo change is the first in 28 years and only the third in the company’s 53-year history. "These changes to the Little Debbie® portrait and logo will help keep our brand contemporary and relevant, while also holding fast to our dedication to quality, innovation and our other guiding values," said Mike Gloekler, company spokesman for McKee Foods.

  • ‘Eat More Kale’ Company Is Losing Against Chick-Fil-A in Trademark Battle

    Caroline Kim at The Exchange 3 yrs ago

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week gave a “preliminary no” to Vermont-based folk artist Robert Muller-Moore regarding his efforts to protect his “Eat More Kale” T-shirt business. This ruling is based on Chick-fil-A's claims that the “Eat More Kale” phrase is too similar to its trademarked slogan, “Eat mor chikin.”

    The legal fight over the “Eat More Kale” trademark between Muller-Moore and Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A Inc. has been going on for several years. Muller-Moore has been selling T-shirts and other items with the phrase for more than a decade. A local vegetable farmer asked him to create three shirts with the phrase, and Muller-Moore continued with the sales as a tribute to local farming.

    He hadn't even heard of Chick-fil-A until the company contacted him. Chick-fil-A tried to stop him after first finding out about the sales in 2006 but then gave up the fight.

    Muller-Moore now has six months to respond to Monday's ruling. "I feel like it’s sad and absurd that the process takes as long as it does," Muller-Moore says. "To me, it seems designed to favor corporations and just roll over mom-and-pops."

  • Are ‘Healthy’ Fast Food Options Really Better for You?

    Caroline Kim at The Exchange 3 yrs ago

    When you visit a fast food restaurant, do you choose a salad and yogurt parfait thinking they are healthier than a burger and fries? Or do you perhaps opt for the fish sandwich? Well, think again. These options may not be much better for you than a Big Mac.

    Many fast food eateries have recently introduced menu items that offer consumers seemingly “healthier” options as the nation grapples with a growing obesity problem. McDonald’s (MCD) added the McWrap last week, Burger King (BKW) rolled out the turkey burger for a limited time on March 20, and Wendy’s (WEN) has been offering two types of flatbread sandwiches since March 26. Also, starting April 22, McDonald’s will add an egg-white only option to its breakfast sandwich selection.

    "What's prompted many of these new menu items is really around choice," says Dr. Cindy Goody, senior director of nutrition at McDonald's. She says customers wanted additional choices to the burger and fried standard -- including more fruit.

    Burger King


  • Retailers Push Limits With Extended Store Hours to Lure Shoppers

    Caroline Kim at Yahoo Finance 4 yrs ago

    Retailers are ramping up their appeals to last-minute shoppers with a few big-name stores offering extended hours for last-minute gift buyers, pushing the boundaries of normal hours and with some even staying open for more than 24 hours straight. First it was Macy’s (M), which announced last week that for the first time it will open most of its stores in the 48 hours leading up to Christmas Eve. Most of the company’s department locations across the country will be open for two days straight, beginning on Friday, Dec. 21 at 7 a.m. and extending through Sunday, Dec. 23 at 7 a.m. for its final One Day Sale of the season. The special sale will end on Dec. 23 at 7 a.m., but many locations will then remain open until 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

  • Apple's Rollercoaster Year With Tim Cook

    Caroline Kim at Yahoo Finance 4 yrs ago

    For Apple ( AAPL ), 2012 could best be called “the year of Tim Cook”—or rather, “the year without Steve Jobs.” After working as interim CEO since January 2011, Cook officially became the CEO on August 24, 2011, shortly before Jobs’ death, and he’s had a lot of pressure and watchful eyes on him in 2012.  Many people speculated whether Apple would start to slide after its visionary leader and founder passed. But Apple’s stock gained almost 50% under Cook’s leadership, hitting an all-time high of $705.07 in September 2012. It also hit its highest market capitalization this year to become the largest stock ever at $623.5 billion. But lately the stock has been sliding, dropping 20% from its all-time high. It certainly was a year of changes, though. Apple revamped much of its product line—iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook Pro, iPod touch, Mountain Lion, iOS and iPod nano—but there were no Earth-shattering releases or improvements. Many of the new features were predicted before the release and didn’t contain any huge surprises, such as the new Retina display. As a result, some people still have a cautious eye on the company and its stock has also taken a dive in the past couple months, at ...

  • Shared Data Plans Aren’t Always Cheaper

    Caroline Kim at The Exchange 4 yrs ago

    With the holiday shopping season upon us, many consumers are looking to buy new phones for themselves or as gifts — which means choosing a new plan. As unlimited phone data plans become less available, some wireless carriers are working on transitioning customers to shared talk and data plans.

    This summer Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T) unveiled new shared data plans, touted as a better value for users than traditional family shared or individual plans with added-on data packages. Shared data plans provide various amounts of communal data across multiple devices. All phones, tablets, gaming consoles, hot spots and laptops included in the plan share a bucket of data for one monthly fee — which, in theory, is meant to cut costs.

    AT&T's Mobile Share and Verizon's Share Everything plans offer customers unlimited talk and text along with several levels of data for up to 10 devices. T-Mobile and Sprint also offer data shares — even unlimited data packages — but they only cover up to five devices and their coverage networks aren't as extensive as AT&T and Verizon's.

  • Election Day Freebies and Specials

    Caroline Kim at The Exchange 4 yrs ago

    Tuesday will bring some relief for Americans exhausted from the long slog of  campaign season. And as a reward for enduring the election -- and for voting -- they may get a few freebies. A handful of restaurants, retail stores and companies across the country are ramping up their Election Day gimmicks and promotions—offering free food, a trip out of the country and flu vaccinations.

    Some of these promotions have been going on for a few weeks now, leading up to Election Day, but others are only available on Nov. 6.

    JetBlue (JBLU) is offering an Election Promotion campaign: If the candidate you voted for loses, you'll be in a drawing for a chance to win a trip abroad. The airline will offer 1,006 travel certificates to redeem on a round-trip base fare to any of JetBlue's Caribbean or Mexico destinations.

    7-Eleven is offering its customers a way to show how they'll vote with special red (for Mitt Romney) and blue (for President Obama) coffee cups through midnight on Nov. 6.

    Read on to see where you can snag some great deals for being a good citizen.