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  • Food trucks moving in on restaurants’ territory

    Erika Santoro at Big Data Download 2 yrs ago

    Food truck catering now competes with “traditional” catering as consumers are looking for alternative food options and are turning to food trucks to satisfy that need, that’s according to Ross Resnick, founder of the online food truck tracking platform

    Based on a Mintel survey, which polled 2,250 adults in September, Roaming Hunger found that 24 percent of Americans had eaten from a food truck at one point or another in 2013.

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    “Over the years, a large number of people embrace food trucks as a new medium of eating and that sort of awareness for the industry is really pushing the growth of the food truck industry forward,” Resnick said.

    According to Roaming Hunger’s database, they also found that a lot of that growth is happening in areas that consumers wouldn’t normally expect.

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  • Not just a dream: Playing fantasy sports daily gains popularity

    Erika Santoro at Big Data Download 2 yrs ago

    Being part of a traditional, all-season-long fantasy sports league is common for sports fans, but participating in your favorite fantasy sport on a daily basis is growing in popularity, according to Tom Griffiths, co-founder of

    In May, FanDuel surveyed 2,000 of its players about how daily fantasy is introducing fans to new fantasy sports.

    “One-day fantasy sports players consume 40 percent more sports content than before they started playing,” Griffiths said. “Whether that’s through watching games, tracking athletes’ Twitter accounts or reading news online.”

    According to the survey, nearly one-third of daily players intend to reduce or stop participating in traditional fantasy sports.

    Griffiths also noted that the average FanDuel player is in their late 20s, while the average traditional fantasy player is in their mid-40s.

    “Daily fantasy is the next generation of fantasy sports. It not only brings in younger players but also takes sports fans away from the traditional, season-long fantasy format and into new fantasy sports such as baseball and basketball,” he said.

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  • People ‘love’ their free time

    Erika Santoro at Big Data Download 2 yrs ago

    People with free time tend to spend it improving their love lives. That’s according to Shayan Zadeh, chief executive officer of the online dating platform

    “When the government shutdown happened, we noticed an interesting dynamic,” he said. “In the first week of the shutdown, we saw a 91 percent increase of people in the D.C. metro area expressing interest in meeting someone online through our carousal feature.”

    During the second week of the shutdown, the increase went to 110 percent, said Zadeh. He said he didn’t have other data, such as how many people this involved.

    Online dating has become more socially accepted as a place for meeting others interested in forging relationships, according to a recent Pew study.

    Since 2005, 38 percent of Americans who are “single and looking” have said that they have used an online dating site, according to the study released Oct. 21., which started in 2007, is one of several online dating sites, including eHarmony and

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  • Sunshine state gloom: Florida found to be tops in identity theft

    Erika Santoro at Big Data Download 2 yrs ago

    Identity theft is on the rise, with it affecting more than 11 million Americans each year, but some states are worse than others when it comes to having your identity stolen, according to a 2012 Federal Trade Commission report.

    Fraud experts at Equifax (EFX) find that Florida has the highest rate of identity theft nationwide. This could be due to its big transient population, large number of tourists and high percentage of elderly people—all of which are prime targets for identity theft.

    Other states with high incidences of identity theft cases are California, Texas, New York and Georgia. This is due to metro areas with high rates of unemployment and foreclosures, and because people who feel economically desperate may be more likely to participate in identity theft scams to make quick cash.

    In addition, the states with the most identity theft cases may have large border populations and areas of methamphetamine use, which are also factors that can contribute to identity theft.

    Mitic also told “Big Data Download” that there has been an increase in elderly identity theft, child identity theft and tax identity theft.