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  • Start-up scores millions to help you find your keys

    Erin Barry at Power Pitch4 mths ago

    We’ve all been there, running late, completely stressed out and searching for the keys that always seem to vanish at the most inconvenient moment. Nick Evans says he has a tiny invention that will make all our lives easier by helping make sure we never lose our keys again.

    Evans’ invention is about 1/4 the size of a post-it note but he believes it’s packed with innovative technology that will make his company millions. We wanted to learn more about it (and find our keys) so CNBC gave Evans 60 seconds to convince you and the Power Pitch panelists his small idea has what it takes to find enormous success. Click the video and see for yourself.

    Tile to the rescue?

    "Tile is the world's largest lost and found ... basically thousands of people are helping you find your keys instead of just you," Evans said.

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  • Cracking the mystery behind chickenless eggs

    Erin Barry at Power Pitch4 mths ago

    What came first the chicken or the egg? It’s an age-old debate, but for Hampton Creek founder and CEO Josh Tetrick, the real question isn’t what came first, it’s what comes next. And his answer may surprise you.

    Tetrick’s big new idea is the chicken-less egg, and we asked him to take a crack at explaining it all in just 60 seconds to our Power Pitch panel, including a New York Magazine food editor and a chef with two Michelin stars.

    Can Tetrick convince our Power Pitch panelists and you that his new egg is all it’s cracked up to be? Click the video above to find out.

    What egged on Tetrick to go eggless?

    The American Egg Board estimates that more than 250 million cases of eggs will be produced this year in the United States, and according to Tetrick, 1.8 trillion eggs are laid every year worldwide.

    “This system of egg production is defined by radical inefficiency, by rising prices, by animal abuse, by environmental degradation,” said Tetrick.

    Which is why Tetrick and his brainy staff, which includes biochemists, molecular biologists and Top Chef contestant Chris Jones, came up with a plant-based egg substitute that he said is cheaper and healthier than the real thing.

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  • The future of your commute – Scoot?

    Erin Barry at Power Pitch4 mths ago

    San Francisco resident Michael Keating says he has the answer to getting around slow buses, expensive cab rides and parking nightmares. Keating has crossed the smartphone with the electric scooter to create what he says is a greener, faster, and much cooler way to get around town. His start-up is called Scoot Networks.

    “Scoot’s the only form of transportation in cities that is both fast like a taxi and affordable like mass transit,” said Keating. “It’s also really fun.”

    Keating thinks his idea could change how YOU get around town, so CNBC gave him 60 seconds to prove it. Can he persuade you and a panel of experts to go along for the ride? Click the video to see his pitch and the electric scooters at the heart of his big idea.

    Are electric scooters the future?

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