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  • Ebola, ISIS, Eurozone: Don’t worry buy stocks

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance4 hrs ago

    Ebola has spread to New York City, the Eurozone is facing a steep slowdown and the war against ISIS is raging in the Middle East. All serious issues but not serious enough to derail the US stock market or the American economy according to Cathy Wood, CEO, ARK Investment Management “We are happy people are nervous, we like buying into a market like that but we can think of a number of reasons the concerns are misplaced.”

    Topping Wood’s list: the sharp drop in oil prices. She thinks investors are failing to understand the global benefits of lower crude prices “It’s a great increase in purchasing power for us, a great tax cut for all the places you’re worried about, Europe, China, Japan and the United States.”

    As for Europe, Wood is less worried  “Europe has not been an engine of growth in my lifetime.” She believes the accelerating US economy will pick up any slack from a slowdown in the Eurozone.

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