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  • Apple's all time high, GoPro's heroic 3Q & BOJ bangs up gold

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance6 hrs ago

    Apple (AAPL) up another fraction and making all-time highs today over $107 a share. The stock has gained 7% for the month and has tacked on an impressive 34% so far in 2014, beating the S&P 500 by a wide margin. Nothing particularly new as of today. Apple is just a great company that reported a terrific quarter a few weeks back... what more can really be said beyond "hey, it's Apple?”

    Gold in the form of the popular SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) proxy taking another beating today. The barbaric metal getting smelted on the Bank of Japan's version of QE announced overnight. The short form of the thinking is that if the BOJ is buying assets that's good for stocks and lousy for everything else. Gold, for those keeping score at home, is decidedly "something else." Down 3% today, the GLD ETF is making new 52-week lows and is now negative for the year and roughly flat over the last five years. It's an ugly slide for the true believers.

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