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  • Snow stocks rally, CEO Barbie booted and Avon's renewed takeover chatter

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance 15 hrs ago

    Mattel (MAT) is down by 5% after the man behind CEO Barbie, Bryan Stockton resigned as Chairman and CEO today. Shares are tumbling less out of sadness than because the toy maker also told investors preliminary fourth quarter and full-year sales will likely drop by as much as 7%. Part of the problem is Barbie has not been pulling her weight, sales of the iconic doll have been in decline for a few years. Plus Disney's (DIS) Elsa is eating Barbie's lunch these days. The company's interim CEO Christopher Sinclair starts today.

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  • The Super Bowl ad line-up deflates bullish investor expectations

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance 19 hrs ago

    Stocks are down slightly as U.S. traders try to get their minds around the implications of extreme leftists taking power in Greece. We've got a busy week so I'm going to go ahead and spoil the suspense: it doesn't matter what Greece does. Greece was scary in 2011 and 2012. Today problems at the Greek system at UVA matters more to your long-term investing health.

    To get the market's field position out of the way, the S&P 500 (^GSPC) dropped about half a percent Friday in relatively subdued trading. We're still in a trading range. That's not so bad considering almost 20% of the 500 biggest stocks in our world have now reported and the results have been fairly terrible.

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    That may not be an investment thesis but it is yet another reason to root against the Pats and consider hedging your portfolio by taking the Seahawks and the 2 points.

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  • Box IPO soars, Starbucks shares hit record while DreamWorks dwindles

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance 3 days ago

    Box (BOX) is soaring to the clouds on its first day of trading. The cloud-based storage company’s initial public offering priced at $14 a share last night, above the $11 to $13 expected range, valuing the company just under $2 billion. That struck some investors as quite a bargain since it was 30% lower than where Box was valued in its latest round of private financing. Some investors seem to agree as the stock opened over $20 a share and hasn't looked back since. Does that make shares a buy now? I'm not claiming to be an expert on the company but I will say I don't know anyone who has gotten rich buying IPOs on the first day of trading.

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  • Deflation talk dominates on Wall Street and in the NFL

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance 3 days ago

    Stocks are basically flat this morning as traders around the world wake up wondering what in the name of Bill Cosby the ECB dumped in the punch bowl with QE Europe. In case you missed it the S&P 500 (^GSPC) tacked on 1.5% after ECB President Mario Draghi announced that the central bank would be buying € 60 billion euros a month of bond securities until September 2016. At the moment that equates to $1.2 trillion in U.S. dollars but with the way the euro is collapsing that number seems likely to go lower before the punch bowl is removed.

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    The global theme of the year so far is deflation. Whether it's footballs in New England, Tom Brady's reputation or consumer prices everything except stocks is in some way deflating. Listen.... you can actually hear hissing if you listen closely.

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  • Investors 'luv' Southwest as Verizon and Lands End slide

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance 4 days ago

    Time for you're Thursday edition of trending tickers, the stocks you're following based on Yahoo Finance ticker searches.

    Airlines are rocking today led by Southwest (LUV). LUV is up more than 6% after the pioneer discount airline reported earnings of 55-cents for the fourth quarter, 4 cents ahead of expectations. Southwest said passenger revenue was up 2.6% compared to last year. The real source of the beat was fuel costs which fell 14.1% year over year, inclusive of hedges. For the coming quarter Southwest said it expects to save about half a billion just on fuel savings.

    Those are you're trending tickers. Tell us what you think in the space below or tweet us at #trending tickers.

  • McDonald's & Starbucks are more important than Davos

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance 4 days ago

    Stocks are bouncing along in a subdued manner after finishing up about 1/2 a percent yesterday. This morning, the headlines are going to be all about the ECB and their knock-off QE program. Normally we'd be forced to care about such things. Today, though, I'm leaving the economic navel gazing to Europeans and the self-proclaimed thought leaders of the world at their Swiss clam bake in Davos.

    Here in America we've got two of the great consumer brands of all time reporting earnings in the next 24 hours. Trust me on this: What we hear from Starbucks (SBUX) tonight and McDonald's (MCD) tomorrow morning will impact your immediate financial future more than anything coming out of Davos.

  • 'The Interview' boosts Sony/Netflix, IBM's blues and time to buy Whole Foods

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance 5 days ago

    Sony (SNE) is up more than 5%. The company seems to have snatched victory from the jaws of humiliating defeat at the hands of North Korean hackers last year. First Sony managed to get more than $40 million in video on demand and box office revenues from the poorly reviewed film (which I actually enjoyed). Yesterday Netflix (NFLX) announced that it will be streaming the movie starting this Saturday. Given the price of content being paid lately it's not a reach to assume The Interview will end up turning a profit. That sets up a nice sequel about a movie studio that conspired to make itself the apparent victim of a sophisticated hack by a third world country just to gin up interest in a stoner comedy about North Korea.

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  • Apple, Amazon and Alibaba could follow Netflix's lead

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance 5 days ago

    Stocks futures are frozen in place, perhaps fitting given the weather and "Big Huge Event" on the horizon tomorrow when the ECB announces QE-Euro style. Yesterday the S&P 500 (^GSPC) was basically unchanged though it did move in a more than 1% range. On the chart we're still stuck in that range from roughly 2,000 to 2,050. It should be apparent by now that we're not going to break out of that area without a good reason.

    Broadly, earnings have been a bit of a mess. With 49 S&P 500 companies having reported the average growth in EPS is only .4%. The only slightly interesting wrinkle is that revenues are actually outstripping earnings, rising .8%. Either way it's the slowest growth since Q3 of 2012 and, at least thus far, there isn't a lot of reason to believe it's going to get better in 2015.

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  • Warren Buffett: Should the Oracle of Omaha stop picking stocks?

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance 6 days ago

    Stocks are looking a wee bit higher as we roll into the meat of earnings season. Friday's rally took us right back into the wide trading range on the S&P 500 (^GSPC) but could not save us from another drop on the week. So far this year the index for grown ups is down 1.92%. That's meaningless noise to most traders but the long-term is made of nothing but moments. If you want to beat the market over a period of years you have to at least occasionally outperform every so often on a daily basis.

    Amex is tomorrow after the bell. It's been a huge winner for Buffett over decades but not so hot lately, down 6% for the last year. Membership has privileges but it comes at a price.

    Why do those companies matter? Well they make up 20% of the publicly traded holdings of the best investor ever. Buffett is great at Canadian donut buyouts like Tim Horton (THI.TO) and Burger King funding but over the last 52-weeks his top 4 holdings, more than half his portfolio, is flat. Berkshire on the other hand is up 30% in the same time period.

  • FXCM tanks on swiss currency move, Activision jumps, Goldman Sachs stumbles

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance 10 days ago

    Here's your Friday edition of Trending Tickers, the stocks you're tracking based on Yahoo Finance ticker searches.

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    Activision (ATVI) shares are higher by more than 6% after announcing that the latest addition to its Call of Duty franchise - Advanced Warfare - was the top selling console game title in 2014. It's the 6th year in a row Call of Duty has taken the top spot. Investors had been concerned that Advanced Warfare would suffer from franchise fatigue. Activision also had the top-selling kids' game with its Skylanders toys and accessories.

    Tell us what you think about the stocks above in the space below or send us a tweet using the hashtag #trendingtickers.