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  • Ford down day 2, Move surges on buyout, Netflix goes Hollywood

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance12 hrs ago

    Time is a flat circle for Ford (F) shares which are stuck in reverse for the second straight day. The stock is off another 2% today and nearly 10% this week after taking down earnings guidance yesterday. New CEO Mark Fields told analysts to expect $6 billion in profit this year, more than a billion less than expected. He blamed higher warranty costs and weak volumes in South America and Russia. Ford is now counting on strong sales for the all-new aluminum F-150 and share gains out of Lincoln on a product ravamp and slightly nutty ads.

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  • Apple hit by iOS snafu, GameStop ups hiring, Hewlett facing Canada ban

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance5 days ago

    Apple (AAPL) shares are bending 3% lower after the company issued an iOS 8 update that turned some iPhones into awkwardly large bricks. Apple has issued a fix but that hasn't stopped the break-my-iPhone meme from spreading. The most common variant of the trend is trying to fold iPhones in half on Youtube. As it turns out, rigid plastic under stress cracks. Do you people have any idea how many little kids suffered to make these phones? Stop breaking your new toys, people.

    Speaking of toys Gamestop (GME) is down in a weak tape. The company announced that it will be hiring 25,000 temps for the coming Christmas season. The company says it's increasing hires but nearly fifty percent in anticipation of demand for Next-Gen console games. At the very least the new hires will make the malls seem less abandoned. Gamestop shares are down about twelve percent so far in 2014.

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