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  • Twitter worth more than Macy's and Family Dollar combined as stock surges

    Jeff Macke at Yahoo Finance19 hrs ago

    Social Media advertising works. It's an explosive growth medium whether you put the ads on smartphones, tablets or phablets. On that point there can be no debate, not after what we've heard from the two social titans this week. We expect great growth from Facebook (FB) but when it's weak little brother Twitter (TWTR) comes up with a quarter of a billion in mobile ad revenue it's clear that a sea change has taken place.

    The existence of social media as an ad platform business model has been justified but whether or not those ads sell anything other than more advertising somewhat in doubt. Last night Facebook quietly announced that it would be shutting down its Facebook Gifts initiative. The business was really an afterthought for Zuckerberg and Co. It started with large ambitions but by the end was simply a largely forgotten spot where customers could buy gift cards to places like Starbucks and iTunes.

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