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  • Why you should bet on more volatility

    Maxwell Meyers at Talking Numbers26 days ago

    Fear and greed are both rallying in 2014. Both the VIX, the so called “fear index,” and stocks, let’s call it the “greed index,” are up in 2014. Typically, these two indexes move inversely to each other, which makes sense. Stocks tend to rally when investors feel secure and fall when they’re scared. In simple terms, the VIX measures the cost of insuring stocks. The greater the fear, the more investors are willing to pay to protect their portfolios, which explains why the VIX rises during turbulent times. So what gives? And more importantly, what does that mean for stocks?

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  • Booze won't save this stock

    Maxwell Meyers at Talking Numbers28 days ago

    Do you want wine with your Frappuccino? Well, you may soon be in luck. That’s because Starbucks announced it will sell beer and wine in thousands of stores after 4 p.m. But will the move caffeinate the stock, which has badly lagged the broader market in 2014?

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    “People who are addicted to Starbucks are addicted to the brand as much as the coffee,” said Gina Sanchez of Chantico Global. “I think sharing a glass of wine with a close companion in a homey Starbucks still works. I think this could be a lucrative move.” Still, the initial shift to adding booze will take some time to roll-out and is expected to have a negligible impact on the company’s near-term bottom-line. And anyone hoping for a quick fix shouldn’t look to the charts either.

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