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  • Here's why the S&P 500 might not hit 2,000 next week

    Nicole Goodkind at Yahoo Finance11 days ago

    Next week is the last unofficial week of summer, but that doesn’t mean you should let August doldrums get between you and your portfolio. Yahoo Finance’s very own Lauren Lyster, Milanee Kapadia, Michael Santoli and editor-and-chief Aaron Task are here to bring you information on what you should be expecting next week, August 25 th through 29 th .

    Watch the pump—

    Next week ends in Labor Day weekend which means more Americans will be hitting the roads than usual, in fact this Labor Day will see the largest amount of travel in six years, according to the AAA. With 86% of the estimated 34.7 million travelers expected to drive to their destination, gas will be in high demand. Good news though, prices are lower. AAA has estimated gas in the U.S. will round out at about $3.44 per gallon—it was $3.59 per gallon last Labor Day.

    “The best part of this story,” says Milanee Kapadia, “is that the low price isn’t because of lower consumer demand, it’s because of increased supply, especially here domestically.” U.S. crude oil production in 2015 is expected to hit its highest level since 1972.

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