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  • Social Security and natural gas saved our economy: James Galbraith

    Nicole Goodkind at Yahoo Finance8 days ago

    When economists and analysts discuss the state of U.S. economic growth, they often use the 2008 financial crisis as the benchmark of what would be a return to "normal." James Galbraith, economist and author of, “The End of Normal,” uses a different standard.

    While Galbraith agrees that the years since the crisis have seen slower growth, low employment and a struggling housing market, he believes easy growth actually ended in the 1970s, and the U.S. economy has seen uneven growth and rising inequality since.

    There is, however, a way to get back to “normal,” says Galbraith. In his book he lays out what he believes to be the four factors that are impeding the economy. Amongst them are the rising costs of resources, overuse of military power, the digital revolution (and the job loss associated with automation) and the lack of regulation in the financial sector.

    Given all of these factors, says Galbraith, we shouldn’t be wondering why the economy isn’t recovering quickly, but should instead be asking why things haven’t gotten worse.

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  • You'll rue the day you bought 10-year notes: Stockman

    Nicole Goodkind at Yahoo Finance14 days ago

    Janet Yellen begins her September FOMC meeting today where she will meet with Federal Reserve Board Governors and Fed presidents from across the country to discuss current Fed Policy. The Fed’s bond-buying stimulus program is still expected to be completed by October, but Fed watchers are waiting with baited breath to see if Yellen will announce a revised timeline for raising short-term interest rates.

    “Considerable time,” are the two words on investors' minds. That’s the language the Fed currently uses to describe when they will hike rates. When the FOMC delivers their statement on Wednesday afternoon, markets will certainly react to whether that language is revised, erased or stays the same.

    The great taper

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