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  • Hot cars at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 1 mth ago

    The 2017 North American International Auto Show (or Detroit Auto Show) is underway. The first auto show on the U.S calendar, the Detroit show offers an ideal location of the major automakers to launch new cars and show upcoming design language in the form of new concepts. Ford, Toyota, GM, and foreign car makers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW all had new world premieres in Detroit.

    Yahoo Finance roamed the floors during press days at this year’s show, and here are our must-see picks.

    There were plenty of other cars that wowed us as well, but these were the most noteworthy. Stick with Yahoo Finance for continuing coverage of the Detroit Auto Show, including a 360-video from the floor that will be coming soon.

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  • Why Cadillac just launched the Netflix for cars

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 1 mth ago

    You can subscribe to books, music, and video online—so why not cars? While that might be hard to imagine, General Motors’ (GM) Cadillac division is doing just that with its BOOK by Cadillacservice.

    Here’s how it works. For a flat monthly fee of $1,500, BOOK by Cadillac gives users the ability to drive Cadillac vehicles without the commitment of leasing or buying. Using an app on their phones, users can reserve the latest premium trim Cadillac models (Platinum level vehicles including the high-performance V-series) to use for as long as they want.

    The vehicles will be delivered to the user’s location and can be exchanged at any time for a different vehicle. In addition, maintenance, insurance, taxes and detailing are included in the monthly flat fee. The service launches on February 1 and will initially only be is only offered in New York City.

    Melody Lee, director of brand strategy and planning at Cadillac, says BOOK by Cadillac is filling the void for many would-be car owners.

  • Hot commodity: McLaren sports car sales double in 2016

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 1 mth ago

    McLaren is a name synonymous with motor racing excellence, with eight Formula 1 Constructors’ Championships and 12 Drivers’ championships. But over the past five years McLaren has been finding success off the racetrack and on the street by building street legal high-performance vehicles handmade in the UK.

    Last year marked a banner year for the relatively young carmaker. Globally, McLaren sold over 3,200 cars, a big jump from the approximately 1,600 that it sold in 2015. But in North America, the automaker topped 1,000 cars sold for the first time—representing growth of over 100%.

    North America is indeed a huge market for sports car maker like McLaren. And with marquee brands like Ferrari (RACE) and Lamborghini already competing in the space, doubling sales in a fierce market is no small feat.

    Tony Joseph, president of McLaren North America, attributes the big gains made to McLaren’s newest line, the Sports Series, which includes the 570S and 570GT models.

    Clean power

    What’s next for McLaren?

  • Why oil will continue to rise in 2017

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 1 mth ago

    WTI crude oil continues its push higher this week, topping $54 a barrel at one point as traders see OPEC and cooperating non-OPEC countries like Russia making good on production output deals in the new year. But will crude keep pushing higher in 2017?

    Dan Dicker – veteran oil trader, author, and founder of The Energy Word – says that will be the case, to a point. In the attached video, Dicker says the big takeaway for 2016 was not OPEC’s big deal, but domestic producers, and this has ramifications for next year.

    “[2016] was about the US energy companies and how efficient they became, and how quick they were this time to react to a low crude price,” Dicker says. They cut capital expenditures and refinanced much of their debt and “managed to stay alive.”

    As for 2017, many of the themes that sent oil on its roller coaster ride from the depth of the lows earlier in the year to new multi-month highs near the end will continue to play out – with domestic energy producers now standing to benefit.

  • RICKARDS: ‘Barbell’ portfolio will protect against Fed, Trump in 2017

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 1 mth ago

    2016 changed everything from politics to the markets. The election of Donald Trump was a catalyst, but it may not have the biggest effect in 2017 from an investor standpoint. So argues Jim Rickards, a 35-year veteran of Wall Street and author of the new book, “The Road to Ruin.”

    “Everything depends on the Fed,” Rickards says in the attached video. The question in Rickards’ mind is whether the Fed will accommodate President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to increase spending through infrastructure projects as well as his proposals for tax cuts.

    If the Fed does accommodate Trump’s plans, which would most likely increase the deficit, Rickards sees big inflation. In that case, “you definitely want gold, hard assets, energy, water, silver and things like that,” he says.

    While there are two paths that could occur — recession or inflation — it will take time to play out. That time will give investors the ability to deploy cash towards the appropriate end of the barbell.

  • Stocks struggle to end week as tech slips

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 2 mths ago

    Stocks struggle to end the week as tech weighs. Is the Trump rally finally losing steam? Plus, fund liquidations are on the rise as new launches fall. Is the golden era for hedge funds over? And, the global bond rout could be story of 2016. With the Fed now hiking, could it get even worse? Catch The Final Round at 4 p.m. ET with Jen Rogers, Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer, markets reporter Myles Udland, and Sarah Hunt of Alpine Funds.

    Winners and losers

    Stocks ending the week on a down note include Agio Pharmaceuticals after the drug maker abandoned its treatment for a rare form of anemia; Nordstrom after JPMorgan downgraded it to ‘underweight’ citing a weak sales outlook; and Oracle, as shares of the database and business software firm getting hit after a revenue miss, with cloud services revenue growth a concern.

    Looking ahead

  • Stocks rebound as dollar soars

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 2 mths ago

    The rally’s back on, with stocks bouncing back from yesterday’s Fed-induced losses. And the dollar,  it’s hitting highs not seen in 14 years. Catch The Final Round at 4 p.m. ET with Jen Rogers and markets reporter Myles Udland.

    Winners and losers

    Stocks getting hit today include NantHealth, after the health care company announced a $100 million note offering; Pacific Biosciences of California after Roche terminated a diagnostic product supply agreement; and Yamana Gold, the gold miner, getting crushed today as the price of the precious metal tumbled today with the dollar gaining.

    Stocks joining the rally today include athenahealth after it reaffirmed its current year forecast and issued upbeat 2017 guidance; Pier 1 Imports as the retailer announced a strong earnings and revenue beat: and Mondelez, with shares of the snack-maker surging on reports Kraft Heinz is going to acquire it. Kraft Heinz is backed by Berkshire Hathaway and Brazil’s 3G Capital.

    More rate hikes on the way in 2017?

    Looking ahead

  • Why virtual reality will live up to the hype

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 2 mths ago

    In the 90s virtual reality was hailed as the next big thing, but the experience was far from perfect. The VR world was buggy and laggy, and the hardware was nowhere near where it needed to be to give viewers an immersive experience. And VR went away quietly, with little fanfare.

    Now, as we approach 2017, virtual reality is back in a big way, with companies like Samsung, Facebook, Sony and Google betting big on the medium. In fact, analysts at Goldman Sachs see it as an $80 billion industry by 2025.

    But a big question still remains: Can the technology live up to its potential?

    David Mullett, founder of virtual reality content agency Virtualize, says VR creators are just scratching the surface when it comes to the potential for the platform.

    While brands look to capitalize on VR, it will be the companies behind the hardware, most notably the chip makers, who stand to benefit as VR matures. “The chip makers definitely have an incredible position in the VR ecosystem,” Mullett says.