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  • No June rate hike? Think again

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 2 mths ago

    When it comes to the Fed and the next rate hike, the question isn’t will they or won’t they—it’s more about when. Traders are eyeing the next big FOMC meeting in June as the next opportunity, but with the Fed Funds Futures indicating only a 4% chance of a rate hike, the market could be setting itself up for surprise.

    Torsten Slok, Chief International Economist at Deutsche Bank, believes much of the market’s skepticism of a June rate hike is rooted in the turbulence from January and February: The Fed wouldn’t want to upset the applecart, again.

    “We are now in a situation where investors are so skeptical of rate hikes, that once they actually do hike rates, we will just get more turbulence,” he says in the attached video. “That's why there are reasons to be somewhat more cautious in general on the market, because if it does hike rates, and if we see more inflation and the Fed has to like rates faster, then this could be associated once again with another January and February.”

    But Slok is advising clients to be more cautious on the market. Because it’s not just the Fed acting, there’s also a China slowdown and other geo-political risks that should have investors concerned.


  • JPMorgan's big bet on Detroit

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 3 mths ago

    It’s been nine years since the onset of the great recession, and while the U.S. is generally in good shape, some areas haven’t seen the necessary growth to thrive. Detroit, for example, suffered such economic destruction and population loss over the years that a recovery seemed almost unthinkable.

  • Hot cars at the 2016 New York Auto Show

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 4 mths ago

    The 2016 New York Auto Show is underway. Although the North American International Auto Show in Detroit is the first on the U.S calendar, the New York City show draws the most spectators, around 1 million during its 10-day run. Another big reason car manufacturers love the show—the New York region is the top area in the nation for luxury car sales.

    Yahoo Finance took in the sights at this year's New York Auto Show, and here are our must-see picks.

    • 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 – a new high-performance monster from Chevy, featuring a 640 horsepower V8 engine.

    • 2017 Mazda Miata Fastback – a massive hit of the show. The first-ever Miata with a retractable hardtop will be in high demand when its hits showrooms this year.

    • 2017 Mercedes AMG E43 – Mercedes took to NYC to reveal its high-end E-class model. The AMG 43 hits 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

    • 2017 Koenigsegg Regera – if you have around $2 million to play with, the Regera might be for you. This insane super car hits a top speed of 248 mph.

    • 2017 Mercedes Benz CLA – Mercedes revealed a refresh of its high-selling CLA entry-level model. The AMG version pumps out 375-hp from a turbo four-cylinder.

  • 'Concussion' director reveals the cold business side of the NFL

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 7 mths ago

    It was the story that wouldn't go away, until it couldn't be ignored any longer. The NFL's concussion scandal rocked the sport, and led to its commissioner testifying in front of Congress. While the science is now coming to the fore, and a legal settlement with the players is in the works, the story of how everything unfolded is now finally being told in the new film, Concussion . As a former journalist, the film's director, Peter Landesman was drawn to the story through the eyes of the real-life protaganonist, Dr. Bennett Omalu - played by Will Smith in the film.

    “The story of Bennett is really one of the most pure whistleblower tales have ever found,” Landesman says in the attached video. “Bennett was really about pure science, he was a Nigerian immigrant pathologist working in Pittsburgh and ended up with the body of one the most famous football players the Pittsburgh Steelers ever produced in his lab, and he just wanted to solve the riddle of why he died.”

    Concussion will be in theaters this Christmas Day.

  • Why packaging waste is big business for this company

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 8 mths ago

    If you’ve been in this country long enough, you know that Thanksgiving, aside from being a national holiday, is the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. And as consumers shift from buying in stores to  online, a result of that trend is a rise in packaging waste. Fedex (FDX) is predicting a 12% jump in holiday shipments this year alone, and that also means a rise in cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, and other forms of shipping waste. All of this packaging has an impact on the environment, but what's its impact on business? David Steiner, president and CEO of Waste Management (WM), says this holiday season will be a big one for the shipping industry, but it's also an opportunity for the recycling business. “When you look at recycling, the most valuable material to recycle—and the best for greenhouse gas emissions—is cardboard and paper,” Steiner says in the attached video . "So all that packaging—put it all together, bundle it up, and let us take it away and recycle it for you—and it'll be back next Christmas."

  • Men in Blazers bank on soccer’s growth with BlazerCon event

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 8 mths ago

    They talk soccer, and they wear blazers—usually at the same time. And they’ve been touting soccer as “America's Sport of the Future, as it has been since 1972." When Michael Davies and Roger Bennett began their project, the Men in Blazers podcast, it had a smattering of regular listeners (known as GFOPs, or Great Friends of the Pod) and a cult following. Now the popularity of the Men in Blazers franchise has grown into a weekly TV show on NBC Sports Network (CMSCA), one that melds highlights of English Premier League (EPL) games of the past week with pop culture references and inside jokes their fans have come to know and love. The rise of the Men in Blazers podcast, satellite radio show and current TV show coincides with the growing popularity of soccer (or as the rest of the world calls it, football) in the United States. Witness the steady growth of Major League Soccer, founded back 1993, along with rising U.S. viewership of international tournaments such as the World Cup, Gold Cup, and the European Championships. For Davies and Bennett, Men in Blazers as we know it began in 2010 from humble beginnings—they just wanted to talk football, or “sahccah” as Davies jokes. “I think what has been sort of magical about Men in Blazers is it started as a hobby,” Davies says. “It was really something which we started doing because we really liked each other, [and] we love talking about football.” Their passion attracted hard-core U.S. soccer fans, and as the sport has become more mainstream (I can now count three Arsenal bars on my small block in New York’s East Village), the podcast grew from a World Cup segment on ESPN to a full-blown cable show on NBC Sports Network. “The show grew into something quite organically," Davies says, “and very few things in show business, as you know, get to grow organically.” Now the show counts big name brands like Adidas, Mini Cooper and Guinness as sponsors. In addition, NBC Sports Network revealed ratings for EPL have grown 19% since last year, potentially turning NBC Universal’s billion dollar investment in EPL TV rights from a loss leader to a potentially profitable one. The ubiquity and rising bandwidth of the Internet has helped too. “The Internet makes soccer the perfect sport—you can now follow Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern [Munich], Real Madrid ... as if you lived a stone's throw from the [pitch],” Bennett explains. “EA Sports’ FIFA games made the whole country learn the characters who were involved in the game, and just the access on television—World Cup to World Cup of incredible football—that's what's really changed the game as well.”

  • ‘Luxury brand’ Ferrari deserves IPO premium

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 9 mths ago

    From the quiet hills of Maranello to the bright lights and fast money of Wall Street, Ferrari has come a long way in its 86-year history. As the company prepares its NYSE debut, investors are expecting a molto bene first day of trading. The company has a unique history, a raison d'être , that many people probably don’t know of, or understand. Started as strictly a racing team by the iconic Enzo Ferrari, the team was building and racing its own cars back in 1947, and has competed in every season of the Formula 1 World Championship. The company has become a part of the heart and soul of Italy, as the team’s passionate fans - the Tifosi as they are called - will attest. Enzo Ferrari only started selling some of his prize race cars to civilians as a means to raise money for the racing team. The popularity of those cars has led to the racing and automotive legend that Ferrari is today, and that legend has grown since the death of Enzo Ferrari in 1988.

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  • El-Erian: Volatility is coming and here’s how to deal with it

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 9 mths ago

    Many thought a robust U.S. economy could keep growth going despite weakness abroad, but a disappointing jobs report and softening economic data suggest otherwise. While stocks (^GSPC) have been climbing recently on anticipation that a Fed rate hike isn’t likely, these kinds of rallies typically do not portend the next leg up of a bull run. The root for many of the markets current ills has been China. But are economic problems there, as well as the emerging markets, finally bringing problems here? Mohamed El-Erian of Allianz says it’s the other way around.

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  • Why visionary Ralph Lauren sought out a new leader

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 10 mths ago

    Another legend walks off the catwalk. Ralph Lauren, an icon in the fashion industry, is stepping aside as CEO at the company he founded nearly 50 years ago, naming Old Navy President (GPS) Stefan Larsson to take his place. For his part the 76-year old Lauren says he isn’t retiring, but will instead stay on as chief creative officer and remain executive chairman. Traders are liking the move at the eponymous brand, sending Ralph Lauren Corp. (RL) shares soaring. Yahoo Finance’s Mike Santoli says the move heralds the massive change coming to the industry.

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  • Shell’s Alaska pullout a sign of the times

    Pras Subramanian at Yahoo Finance 10 mths ago

    It’s a surprise move that has environmentalists jumping for joy. Royal Dutch Shell (RDS-A) has abandoned its controversial offshore drilling operation in the Arctic Ocean near Alaska, only a month after it received approval from the Obama administration to do so. In a statement, Shell says the oilfield in the Chukchi Sea failed to yield a significant discovery, costs were high, and the “unpredictable” U.S. regulatory environment were all reasons for ending the drilling project. Shell has placed a balance sheet value of $3 billion on its Alaska position.

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