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  • How CVS Birthed the ‘Receipts Are Too Damn Long’ Party

    Ross Tucker at The Exchange1 yr ago

    The latest sign of society's downfall is finally getting the attention it deserves. Like Occupy Wall Street before it, the embers of change are first being stoked across social media. The problem? To paraphrase the great Jimmy McMillan, the Receipts Are Too Damn Long.

    That’s right, epically-long receipts are the latest example of corporate waste, and the chief offender appears to be CVS (CVS). The drug store chain’s penchant for giving customers about 4 feet and 10 inches of extra paper with their purchases has taken on a life of its own as an Internet meme, spawning its own parody account on Twitter (@CVS_Receipt, launched Jun 29) and spurring legions of not-quite-fans to find new and unusual uses for the receipts.

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