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  • Boeing soars, Allergan Lifts, Proctor & Gamble droops

    Breakout Staff at Breakout14 mins ago

    Today's Trending Tickers based on your Yahoo Finance searches are:

    American aircraft manufacturer Boeing (BA) is lifting higher on it's earnings. The stock was up about 2% during it's 10:30 earnings call this morning where management discussed their 14% higher adjusted profit which beat estimates, and their positive outlook for 2014 due to rising jet production.

    Household product makers Proctor & Gamble (PG) are also generating interest after reporting earnings this morning. Unlike Boeing, this company didn't fair so well...Shares were falling into the red after P&G reported flat net sales in its third-quarter earnings, though the company beat estimates on the bottom line by 3 cents. P&G reported earnings per share of $1.01.  

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