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Tuesday’s Trading Headlines and Ideas


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Earnings season has at last kicked off, so on to the next topic. OK, so it's not quite that simple, but with Alcoa (AA) having reported, we can at least stop anticipating the start of the numbers crush and recognize that we're now in it.

This is a pretty big week for corporate reports, with JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and Google (GOOG), among others, reporting but since we're not quite in the thick of it yet we still have time to focus on other crucial topics — namely the market and risk.

While commodities, currencies and inflation remain key points of discussion, today we're looking at market timing, pullbacks and strategies, as well the state of initial public offerings. So read on, and after you do, be sure to drop us a note with the great stories you've found.

In the headlines:

*Is Goldman, Wall Street's Biggest Commodities Bull, Hanging Up the Horns? - CNBC

*Dot-Coms Begin to Blossom in India - The Wall Street Journal

*Lazy Portfolio Winners Battle 11 Newcomers - MarketWatch

*History Bodes Ill for Stock Market - MarketWatch

*Superman Flies First Yuan IPO into Hong Kong - The Wall Street Journal

*Dollar Losing the Currency Wars - Barron's

*Oil Extends Losses, High Prices May Hurt Demand - Reuters

*Inflation Concerns Weigh on Treasurys - The Wall Street Journal

*Bearish Stock Bets on the Climb - The Wall Street Journal

*3 Companies Growing By Shrinking - SmartMoney

On the blogs:

*CRB Index Hits Another New High; Still Down Over 20% From Peak - Bespoke Investment Group

*There Is No Single Best Way to Succeed - Random Roger

*Market's Running Out of Steam — The Next Big Move

Compiled by Elizabeth Trotta and Chris Nichols.

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