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Billionaire Found “One of the Greatest Inventions for Ecology in the World” on ‘Shark Tank’

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'Shark Tank' -- not to be confused with 'Shark Week' or 'Sharknado' or 'Sharknado 2: The Second One' -- has a new guest shark this upcoming season. It's billionaire entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria.

JP, as he's known to many, is the man behind Paul Mitchell salon products and the co-founder of Patron Spirits. He says he turned down an offer to be on the show a couple years ago, but reversed course after a conversation with reality show king Mark Burnett.

"I talked to Mark Burnett, who is producer of the show, and he said, 'JP, what we're doing is really real. And you can probably help some people out and come across maybe with some positive thoughts with each person on and perhaps save a business or two.'"

That was immensely appealing to a self-made billionaire like DeJoria, who once lived out of his car in LA. He turned $700 into what is today "the largest privately held salon hair care line, producing over 100 products, available in over 80 countries worldwide," according to his bio.

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Sounds like a perfect guest shark right? ABC -- owned by The Walt Disney Company (DIS) -- is ramping up for its fifth season of 'Shark Tank' which debuts Sept. 20. The reality show gives entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their idea and product to a panel of investors, or sharks, to secure start-up financing. That money comes straight from the pockets of the investors.

DeJoria confirmed to The Daily Ticker that it's "our real money. In fact I can't say right now... but there was one thing I picked while I was on there as a guest shark that I thought was one of the greatest inventions for ecology in the world and it was my real money that I dealt out to the guy."

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If that isn't a great tease for the show... we don't know what is. We do know that DeJoria has long been a champion of "sustainable business practices" and products. He also passed along some free advice to entrepreneurs, telling The Daily Ticker that "enthusiasm" is the secret to success.

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