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The One Field That Will Survive the Internet Revolution

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The cost of attending Yale University this school year is a cool $60,900. The cost of taking an online class on financial markets with Yale professor and 2013 Nobel Prize-winner Robert Shiller: Free.

Now that's a deal.

Shiller tells The Daily Ticker he’s doing it because “really everyone needs to know a little finance” and he feels “some mission to get people up to speed.”

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Does he think this new paradigm of online education challenges the traditional, high-priced university model (of which he is a part)?

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It's a worry, says Shiller, but it’s more of a broad worry as electronic technology is eating away at many jobs and industries. He cites law as an industry being hit by the Internet, with jobs becoming harder to come by as it becomes easier to research legal cases online.

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But Shiller actually believes that finance hedges against this risk. “Working in finance will survive the Internet revolution,” he tells The Daily Ticker. Check out the video above to see why.

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