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Coke Life: The answer to slumping soda sales?

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It seems Coca-Cola (KO)  is looking for new ways to breathe new life into its slumping soda sales. 

The soda pop maker has been testing “Coke Life,” a new stevia-sweetened, low-sugar product that comes in green packaging. The new carbonated drink is already available in Argentina and Chile, and will be launched in the U.K. in September.  

Coke Life is sweetened with a blend of sugar and extract from the stevia leaf, rather than aspartame which is found in Diet Coke or corn syrup in regular Coke. It's also only 89 calories, 51 fewer calories than regular Coke.

Coke Life’s green packaging and low-calorie content might grab consumers attention, but Yahoo Finance Editor-Chief Aaron Task is not convinced it will dramatically move the needle when it comes to sales. Consumers have become more health conscious and have been trading soda for healthier alternatives. U.S. soda sales fell 3% in 2013, the lowest level in nearly two decades according to trade magazine Beverage Digest. 

It is not clear when Coke Life will be available in the U.S., but is looks like Coke is trying its best to serve up some new beverages under the Coke family brand to boost growth.

That brings us to today's poll question. Do you think another lower-calorie soda can survive in a health-conscious market? Vote in our poll, leave a comment below or on Twitter.


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