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This 1925 Bugatti Type-22 Brescia Roadster, sent to us courtesy of goldiesgold, is far more than just a wrecked classic. Its story remains fascinating:

In 1935, it was reportedly owned by Swiss playboy Adalbert Bodé. Bodé met famous racecar driver Rene Dreyfus in Paris in 1934, where after two bottles of champagne, Bodé beat Dreyfus in an impromptu game of poker. His prize was the Type-22 Bugatti, owned, at the time, by Dreyfus. Driving the car to his home in Switzerland, Bodé attempted to cross the Swiss border when he was instructed to pay customs tax. With no money lining his pockets, he reluctantly abandoned the car, leaving Swiss officials to do with it as they saw fit. At a quaint border town on Lake Maggiore, it was decided the car would be destroyed by submerging it 173-ft. down to the lakebed.

The tale of the Bugatti in Lake Maggiore became legendary.

In 1967, with the story deemed a myth by some, underwater technology allowed people to see it for real. Divers came from all around to set eyes upon the sunken Type-22. In 2008, after a local boy was brutally murdered in a random beating, the dive club sought to raise money for a non-profit combatting youth violence. It was time for the Bugatti to resurface.

On July 12, 2009, thousands of spectators lined the lake's banks and witnessed the Bugatti's revival. Amazingly, it still had air in the tires. The historic machine was bought by vintage car expert Peter Mullin for around $370,000, and currently resides in his Mullin Automotive Museum in California. It's an exceptional story for an exceptional car. If you have an amazing shot to share, add it to the Motoramic group on Flickr, or send us a message via TwitterFacebook and Google+.

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