November 1: Ford starts building the Model A on this date in 1927

Justin Hyde

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As much credit as Henry Ford gets for creating Ford Motor Co. and the American automobile industry, his stubbornness almost led to his company's collapse several times. By 1927, Ford's reluctance to replace the Model T allowed Chevrolet to pass the company in sales; when he finally assented to his executives' pleas and agreed to build a second model, Ford shuttered its plants for four months for retooling, leaving thousands of workers in the lurch. On this day in 1927, the first Model A — reusing a name Ford had put on one of his first cars — rolled off the assembly line. By the time they were revealed to the public a month later, the Model A became a sensation, and one of the most iconic cars ever built. Model As still form the building blocks of hot rods today, and a few families have held onto theirs for generations:

Photo: John Lloyd via the Motoramic group on Flickr

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