Power Pitch

  • Harvard alum’s start-up's shorts 'not dad's jock strap'

    Joanna Weinstein at Power Pitch1 yr ago


    Recent Harvard alum, Terry White, says the North Moore Short is "not your dad's jock strap." White promises his shorts will hold everything a guy on the go would need.

    Watch White pitch his shorts to Alicia Syrett, board member of the New York Angels, Patrick Chung, founding partner of seed stage venture firm, Xfund, and David Wu, general partner at VC firm, Maveron.

    Will the panel think the shorts are a good fit? Watch the video to find out!

    Behind the seams

    White, who was a college athlete, spent a little over a year working in real estate development, but quickly shifted gears.

    He founded e-commerce start-up Wolaco, which stands for Way of Life Athletic Co. Wolaco's first product is the North Moore Short, named after a street in New York's Tribeca neighborhood where White first lived.

    The North Moore Short fits under an athlete's workout clothes. It consists of two water-resistant compression pockets, one large enough for a phone and another one for keys, cash and credit cards.

    "You are now free to run, jump, pull up, push up, sprint and pick up some beers on the way home ... only if you've earned it," says the start-up's website.

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  • Manning up skin care

    Heather Schnepf at Power Pitch1 yr ago


    One female founder is taking on a male-dominated industry by getting under its skin. She's developed a line of men's personal care products with "edgy design and personality." Helixfounder Sindhya Valloppillil Kalghatgi says its mission "is to provide affordable luxury grooming for professional men."

    Watch Kalghatgi pitch her start-up to angel investor Nisa Amoils, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures founder Charlie O'Donnell and television personality and fashion designer Carson Kressley. Watch the video to find out if the CNBC "Power Pitch" panelists were in or out.

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  • Military tech helps you pick the perfect sofa

    Joanna Weinstein at Power Pitch1 yr ago


    A start-up is turning its experience in military defense systems into a high-tech app for furniture shopping. The techie behind it says the app transforms the shopping experience by helping furniture shoppers see exactly what that new sofa will look like in their living room—before they buy it.

    It's called Cimagine, and its founder, Yoni Nevo, says it's a game changer.

    Watch Nevo pitch his new technology to panelists Alicia Syrett, board member of the New York Angels, Maxwell Ryan, Apartment Therapy founder, and Nat Burgess, Corum Group president. Will the "Power Pitch" judges envision his start-up as the next big thing?

    Nevo and his wife always had trouble imagining how furniture would look in their home while shopping.

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  • Digital guard dog for finances

    Heather Schnepf at Power Pitch1 yr ago


    A new app promises to turn your smartphone into a digital watchdog for personal finances. While it hunts for credit-card fraud in real time, it also searches the web for ways to save you cash while you shop. It's called BillGuard, and the app's creator, Yaron Samid, says, "BillGuard's mission is to empower people to better control, protect and do more with their money."

    Watch Samid pitch his start-up to Alicia Syrett, board member of the New York Angels, Stephanie Palmeri, principal at SoftTech VC, and David Wu, general partner at Maveron. Will the panel be in or out on his big idea? Watch the video to find out.

    Samid said he came up with the idea four years ago when his wife became the victim of credit fraud. A Google search of the fraudulent charge revealed thousands of other victims complaining about the same thing. The incident drove Samid to bring together data scientists, mathematicians and security experts to start BillGuard.

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  • Entrepreneur: We've bottled brain power

    Heather Schnepf at Power Pitch1 yr ago

      A group of neuroscientists has created the first energy-drink designed to give a boost to your brain. It's called truBrain, and according to the company's CEO Chris Thompson, it packs a punch that's much smarter than a jolt of caffeine.

    "Our mission is to quantify attention and productivity in the brain, and optimize performance," said Thompson.

    Watch Thompson pitch his start-up to Vast Ventures partner Nikhil Kalghatgi, Pantegrion Capital founder and CEO Alicia Syrett and Maveron principal Rebecca Kaden. Will the drink quench the CNBC "Power Pitch" panel's thirst or leave a bad taste in their mouths? Watch the video to find out.

    Thompson is the entrepreneur behind the smart-drink start-up, but the brain power behind the recipe comes from two UCLA researchers, Aida Attar and Andrew Hill, who lead the research and development.

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