A fantastic upcycled curtain DIY from Yahoo Homes’ Flickr group

(Photo credit: Scott Sherwood, aka sherwoodscot, Flickr)

Scott Sherwood, aka sherwoodscot on Flickr, kindly shared this photo with Yahoo Homes' Flickr group. It's inspiration for a do-it-yourself project, although not for the faint of heart: According to the caption, these curtains took four months to make.

The curtains are made of more than a thousand vintage, one-of-a-kind 35mm film slides, each in its own white plastic mount, "meticulously sorted and put in order by color." The subjects of the slides -- which were shot by various amateurs over the past half-century or so -- "are as diverse as the planet itself," Sherwood writes.

The curtains are "very durable yet flexible like chain-mail" and "easily opened and closed."

At night, when the lights are on in the home, the slides are visible from outside, creating privacy.

Click here to read more about the curtains' assembly on Flickr.

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