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  • Did the Queen signal a top in Twitter?

    Lawrence Lewitinn at Talking Numbers1 day ago

    Did Queen Elizabeth II just signal the top of Twitter’s growth?

    The octogenarian great-grandmother sent out her very first tweet on Friday. Elizabeth Windsor already has nearly 800,000 followers , but this was the first time she tweeted herself.

    It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @ScienceMuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R.

    But could the queen’s joining of Twitter signalthe days of rapid growth for the social media giant are nearing an end? Shares of the company, which reports on Monday, are down 22 percent so far in 2014, in large part because that’s what the market fears.

    At the start of 2011, user growth on its flagship Twitter service was a brisk 25 percent or so. But by the second quarter of 2014, it only managed to add 6.3 percent to its user base.

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    The company still boasts 271 million active users and has a market cap of $30 billion. But that value may be too much, according to Chad Morganlander, portfolio manager at Stifel Nicolaus’ Washington Crossing Advisors.

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