• America's favorite beers

    Jane Wells at Top/Best/Most 7 days ago

    It’s time to get your beer on.

    Super Bowl.

    Mardi Gras.

    Ice fishing.

    Bud may be "The King of Beers," but its crown is tarnishing. The Wall Street Journal reports that Anheuser-Busch InBev shipped only 16 million barrels of Bud in 2013, a nearly 50 percent drop in a decade.

    The Atlantic reports, "A stunning 44 percent of people aged 21 to 27 have apparently never sipped an ice cold Bud."

    So what are they drinking? Something old and something new.

    Beer Marketing Insights and 24/7 Wall Street put together a list of the fastest-growing beer brands in the U.S.   #5 - PBR

    #4 - BLUE MOON



    #1 - DOS EQUIS

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  • America's top city for being active? Cue Peyton Manning

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    If you are finding your New Year's resolution to get in shape is difficult to keep (again), maybe you need to move. Not just move your body, move your residence.

    WalletHub has found the best and worst cities for active lifestyles. These fitness results may cause you to stretch your imagination. 

    For example, Pittsburgh ranks No. 3 overall for active lifestyles, while sunny Los Angeles is way down at No. 85.

    The reason for this seemingly odd result is because WalletHub not only looked at things like the number of gyms per capita, public swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, playgrounds and bike lanes, it also looked at the cost of doing these activities, and what percentage of the population actually gets off the couch. The results are folded into two categories labeled “Budget & Participation” and “Sports Facilities & Outdoor Environment.”

    Here are the best and worst cities overall, along with a few notable standouts.




    Oma-WHAT? OMAHA! (Screams Peyton Manning…)



  • Breaking up is not so hard to do

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    Happy new year! Time for resolutions! Is one of yours to make a clean slate of things and call it quits on the ol' marriage? You would not be alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control--which, for some reason, is the government agency monitoring marriage and divorce rates--there are about 6.8 marriages in the U.S. per 1,000 people, and 3.6 divorces (not necessarily the same people in the same year).

    These two numbers mean the U.S. divorce is 53 percent.

    Ouch. No wonder the state of our collective wedded bliss is monitored by the same agency checking on avian flu and ebola.

    State with most divorces

    Outside the United States, there is an even smaller chance for living "happily ever after" in some countries. Combining information from the United Nations and, here are the countries with the worst track records for long term love.

    #3 - Belarus

    #2 - Aruba

    #1 - Russia

  • Don't buy these gifts!

    Jane Wells at Top/Best/Most 1 mth ago

    Hold that credit card! We at Top Best Most are here to save you from committing a grave holiday mistake—buying the gift that unfortunately wins this year's White Elephant contest.   By "bad" gifts, I'm not talking about the obvious mistakes, like the USB drive in the shape of "Alien" or the alcohol flasks disguised as feminine hygiene products. Those are stupid gifts ... and yet I want them both. Instead, I'm talking about gifts you might think are popular, but which surveys indicate are not. Here are the gifts most likely to make loved ones say, "Bah, Humbug!"? #3 - TOOLS I hate to throw a wrench in your shopping plans (GET IT? I SAID "WRENCH"), but said only 1 in 10 of those surveyed want tools for the holidays. "Hammered" means something different this time of year. #2 - SMARTWATCHES Now this is a bit of a surprise. I thought all the hipsters wanted smartwatches this year. Apparently not, or apparently there aren't as many hipsters as we thought ... thank goodness. Ebates said only 8 percent of those surveyed want an Apple Watch , and only 6 percent want a Gear watch from Samsung . #1 - NEST...

  • The biggest companies paying the least in wages

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    America is the richest nation on Earth! Hurray for us! The average American earns $24.66 an hour. That's better than our neighbors--$22.84 in Canada, or $2.50 in Mexico (and you wonder why everyone wants to come north).

    U.S.A! U.S.A!


    For those of you working in retail, grocery stores, or restaurants, you're probably not making anywhere near $24.66 an hour.  

    The national minimum wage is $7.25, but cities like Seattle and San Francisco are doubling that and then some. Protests around the country have pushed for higher wages, since flipping burgers for $58 a day ain't gonna pay the rent. However, paying more in wages usually means charging more to customers. Finding the right balance can be difficult, as large companies need to keep customers happy, employees happy, and shareholders happy. Sometimes the employees come in third.  

    #3 - Kroger

    #2 - McDonald's

    #1 - ??

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  • Can moving solve the student debt dilemma?

    Jane Wells at Top/Best/Most 1 mth ago

    Student loan debt has grown so large that it is now the second largest bill many Americans pay after the mortgage or rent. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, debt has ballooned to well over $1 trillion. That's a figure larger than the GDP of all but 15 countries in the world.

    A lot of that debt isn't getting paid--eleven percent is either delinquent or in default.

    According to the Project on Student Debt, the average graduate in 2013 has $28,400 he or she needs to pay off. The good news, that's $1,000 less than the class of 2012 owes.

    In New Hampshire, however, average student loan debt is close to $33,000, and a whopping 76 percent of recent grads there owe something. Meantime, in New Mexico, those same recent grads only owe a bit more than $18,000 on average. (California actually has the second lowest average student loan debt of about $20,000 thanks to its vast system of relatively cheap public universities.)

    The best places to live

    #3 - North Dakota

    #2 -Wyoming

    #1 - Utah

    OF NOTE:

    But the worst place overall for being stuck with a boatload of college loans?


  • Want to make the most money? Don't go to Harvard

    Jane Wells at Top/Best/Most 2 mths ago

    College costs are still rising faster than inflation. The College Board reports that while the Consumer Price Index rose about two percent between July 2013 and July 2014, college tuition and fees rose around three percent for public schools, almost four percent at private universities.

    If you're going to spend six figures for a degree, will you earn six figures after graduation? Depends on where you go and what you study. researches salaries and has determined which colleges give you the best bang for your student loan buck. Spoiler - Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are not in the top five for undergraduates.

    Here are the top schools for the best pay after graduation.

    #5 - Stanford University

    #4 - Colgate University

    This is the only New York school in the top 5, and the only school known more for liberal arts than higher-paying engineering and science jobs. Colgate grads can expect a starting median income of $54,000 which grows to $126,600 by mid-career.

  • Growing old sucks...but not everywhere

    Jane Wells at Top/Best/Most 2 mths ago

    We're not getting any younger, and no matter how much Botox you inject, you can't freeze time.

    That said, you can live longer in some countries more than others. More importantly, you can also live well.

    Global AgeWatch looked at data from around the world for the over 60 crowd--things like life expectancy, pensions, access to affordable healthcare and public transport, employment and education for older people, and social connections. As much as everyone on Madison Avenue is always chasing the young man's dollar, we are a graying planet. There will be soon be as many oldsters as youngsters.

    Currently, 12 percent of the world's population is over the age of 60. By 2050, it will be 21 percent. There will be as many people over 60 as under the age of 15, more than two billion aging Millennials! That's a lot of pierced, tatted senior citizens with dreadlocks still working at Starbucks!

    So, where are the top, best, and worst places to grow old? Here are the results from Global AgeWatch:

    Best place to grow old--pack a coat

    #3 - Switzerland

    #2 - Sweden

    #1 - Norway

  • Worst states for women

    Jane Wells at Top/Best/Most 2 mths ago

    It's a man's world. Well, in some places more than others.

    On average, American women make only 79 cents for every dollar American men earn. Yet when it comes to unequal pay, not all states are equal.

    Numbers crunched by 24/7 Wall Street determined which states women may want to avoid. For example, your average working woman in New York makes 86 cents for every dollar a working man makes. But in Louisiana, the pay gap widens to 66 cents for every male dollar. Clearly women are either not getting equal pay for equal work, or not getting equal work in the first place. Louisiana's oil and natural gas businesses often require heavy lifting, literally, and the riskier the job, the higher the pay.

    What about leadership opportunities for women across America? Healthcare? Education? 24/7 Wall Street looked at all of those stats to determine which states are worst for women. Before you say West Virginia or Alaska, wait. Don't burn your bra in Charleston or Anchorage just yet.

    #5-North Dakota





  • Want to find a mate? Location, location, location!

    Jane Wells at Top/Best/Most 3 mths ago

    Americans either don't want to get married or are having trouble finding a mate. Whatever the reason, the percentage of Americans who have never been married is at a record high, 20 percent, according to the Pew Research Center.  

    That’s 1 in 5 Americans and doesn't even count those who are divorced or widowed. That 20 percent is made up of adults who have NEVER been married.

    There have been studies on whether people even want to get married.  For one thing, the average wedding in the U.S. now reportedly tops $25,000.

    But for those who do, if you’re looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, you may want to pack your bags. 

    Here are the best places to head with your U-Haul if you want to find an eligible mate. The best cities for women are the worst for men, and vice versa.


    FOR MEN: