Friday Funk – Sea what I mean?

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An empty food cart on Chennai's Marina Beach, the longest urban beach in the country.

Last week we yearned together for the sea, you and I. Wish granted, at least for two of us, for the next 15 days.

Photographer Azhar Mohamed Ali and yours truly got air-dropped to Chennai yesterday. This morning we embark on The Great East Coast Road Drive, Yahoo! India Travel's unique live web travelogue. If you enjoyed Jammin thru India, our live coverage with global biker Jay Kannaiyan's ride through India in May, you'll really love this one.

We begin by warming up in Chennai on August 2 and 3. Warming up, of course, being a phrase too literal. It's muggy here, but not body-fat-dissolving, sweat-pumping Chennai-esque as we know it. Thirty-five degrees and plenty of humidity to make that feel far worse. Yet, there's always the sea for comfort.

Last evening, we spent some time exploring Marina Beach. They say that the sea churns up stories for those who seek them. The one we discovered about the sea-shell seller offers an unexpected twist to the nationwide curbs on the sale of acid. Read on.

Today, we shall discover more of the city's landmarks, snoop around for interesting sidelights and share the loot with you.

Talking of which, what good is the sea without seafood? Last night, Azhar and I dug into Chilli Fish and Tawa Meen at Dindigul Thalappakatti restaurant in Nungambakkam. We picked the bones clean.

There's lots to keep you occupied until the next Friday Funk, so do keep following The Great East Coast Road Drive.

Sea ya later!

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