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    Forbes2 days ago

    The Scariest Chart For Bond Yields

    It isn't Halloween yet, but I think this chart deserves attention as it highlights the potential complacency in the Fixed Income markets.  I have listed several reasons why I believe rates are still headed higher (here), but I think these charts should be respected, if not feared, by fixed income

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    MarketWatch3 days ago

    Here’s what to do when rising rates hit the stocks acting like bonds

    The reversal in declining interest rates means that so-called bond proxies are in for a rough ride, according to an analyst

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    Reuters3 days ago

    TREASURIES-U.S. yield curve flattens with Europe

    Longer-dated U.S. Treasury yields fell on Friday in step with European counterparts, pushing their yield curves to the flattest level in a week in the wake of comments on bond purchases by European Central ...