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  • April is gold’s fourth worst performing month
    MrTopStep.com1 hour ago

    April is gold’s fourth worst performing month

    Based upon continuously-linked, non-adjusted, front-month futures prices since 1975, April is the fourth worst performing month for gold and fifth worst for silver. In 42 years, gold and silver have advanced ...

  • Reuters2 hours ago

    Bad weather slows fuel cargo docking in Angola -Sonangol

    Bad weather off the coast of Angola has prevented the berthing of fuel vessels docking at Cabinda and Benguela ports, causing shortages at filling stations and power blackouts, state-energy company Sonangol said. Sonangol, which handles the oil and gas reserves of Africa's second-largest oil exporter, said a lack of coordination between government agencies had also hampered fuel and electricity supplies. "The constraints on supply, especially in the provinces of Cabinda, Benguela, Cuanza Sul, Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul, stem from the atmospheric conditions that have prevented the rapid and normal movement of trucks and suppliers," the company said in a statement late on Wednesday.

  • Reuters2 hours ago

    COLUMN-Aluminium sector seeks way to tackle China-induced instability: Andy Home

    The political heat is rising in the aluminium market, with a trio of industry bodies calling on the G20 to address global market imbalances resulting from China's burgeoning output. What they want is the sort of global forum created to discuss steel overcapacity at last year's G20 summit.