Economic News

  • American investors are worry-warts

    Americans are worried, and their risk-aversion isn't just a symptom of their ages or net worths.

    Yahoo Finance
  • Memo to Trump: America still wins. Here’s how

    Things are going better than the Republican upstart lets on.

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  • Why Ted Cruz, Rand Paul — and Russian oligarchs — love the flat tax

    Adopting a single tax rate sounds a lot simpler than it would actually be.

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  • 3 things you need to know about the tumbling euro

    The single currency hit its lowest level vs. the dollar in 12 years. That's great news for Americans looking to take vacation across the pond but raises all kinds of issues for investors and Fed chairs alike.

    Yahoo Finance
  • Obamacare gets cheaper

    It's good news for every American who purchases health insurance.

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  • An economic riddle: Where are all the construction workers?

    Despite good wages and plenty of available jobs, the number of younger people going into construction work is lagging badly. Can more millennials be enticed to take up carpentry?

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  • Yellen says the Fed will be less predictable

    The Federal Reserve chair told the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday the central bank is in no hurry to raise rates. Yellen once again stressed the word "patience."

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  • Blodget: We have enough jobs, they just need to pay better

    Jobs die out. Technology creates new ones. But are there enough good paying jobs to replace the ones that are disappearing? It's an old question sparking new debate.

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  • Consumers Are Feeling Better About The Economy Than Polls Suggest

    Bill Fox sells cars, including all-American Chevrolets and Ram trucks, in an upstate New York town whose congressman lost re-election in 2014 by 20 points — the kind of place where, according to the usual media narrative, voters are angry about the loss of blue-collar jobs and worried about the…

  • Deutsche Bank pressure eases as US fine looks smaller

    Heavy market pressure on Deutsche Bank eased Friday as a knowledgeable source told AFP the US fine over toxic debt it sold would be only $5.4 billion, not the $14 billion originally demanded. A person familiar with the talks between Deutsche Bank and the Department of Justice said an agreement…

  • Get a grip -- Jones gets England into judo

    Eddie Jones wants his England team to get a grip so he will bring in a group of judo experts to freshen up their tackling techniques ahead of the November Tests. The 56-year-old, who has guided England to a Six Nations Grand Slam and 3-0 series win over his native Australia in his short spell in…

  • Why Did Treasury Bonds Record a Fall in Yield?

    The yield on US ten-year Treasury securities fell below the 1.6% mark for the first time on September 26, 2016 due to a rise in demand.

    Market Realist
  • Jones open to extending England deal

    Eddie Jones said Friday he was prepared to consider staying on as England coach beyond the 2019 World Cup in Japan. The Australian signed a four-year deal when appointed as England's first overseas boss in November following the then hosts' first-round exit at last year's World Cup. When he got…

  • Stop Bending The Law To Protect ObamaCare

    President Obama is scrambling to keep his signature health reform law intact. A slew of insurers -- including industry giants Aetna and United Health -- have elected to leave most of the exchanges they initially participated in after sustaining heavy losses over the last two years. President Obama…

    Investor's Business Daily
  • Will Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities Be a Game-Changer?

    According to Bloomberg, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (or TIPS) have generated a year-to-date return of 6.3% compared to 4.7% by the broad Treasury market.

    Market Realist
  • Divided Opinions about the Fed’s Rate Hike Procrastination

    The December 2015 rate hike was the first since the 2008 global meltdown. Now the Fed is hinting at the first rate hike of the year to come in December 2016.

    Market Realist
  • Six things to know about Deutsche Bank

    - Why are investors worried about Deutsche Bank? Deutsche Bank has been on shaky ground since the 2008 financial crisis, with repeated scandals forcing it to set aside billions to cover legal costs and fines. The latest fears were sparked by a $14-billion (12.46-billion-euro) fine demand from the…