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All non-intraday data as of: 31-Dec-2014
ETF Name Ticker Category Fund Family Volume (Intraday) Volume (3-MO Avg) Last Trade 52-Week High 52-Week Low
SPDR® SSgA Global Allocation ETF GAL World Allocation SPDR State Street Global Advisors 13,228 N/A 34.8 N/A N/A
iShares Global Clean Energy ICLN Miscellaneous Sector iShares 13,212 N/A 9.79 N/A N/A
Vanguard S&P 500 Value ETF VOOV Large Value Vanguard 13,136 N/A 86.19 N/A N/A
PIMCO 7-15 Year U.S. Treasury ETF TENZ Long Government PIMCO 13,079 N/A 88.94 N/A N/A
PowerShares Global ShrtTerm HiYld Bd ETF PGHY High Yield Bond PowerShares 13,058 N/A 23.18 N/A N/A
PIMCO Intermediate Municipal Bd Actv ETF MUNI Muni National Interm PIMCO 12,935 N/A 54.51 N/A N/A
iPath® MSCI India ETN INP India Equity Barclays Funds 12,885 N/A 74.66 N/A N/A
Global X Lithium ETF LIT Natural Resources Global X Funds 12,700 N/A 10.97 N/A N/A
RBS NASDAQ-100® Trendpilot™ ETN TNDQ Large Growth Royal Bank of Scotland NV 12,634 N/A 37.56 N/A N/A
Guggenheim S&P SmallCap 600® PureVal ETF RZV Small Value Guggenheim Investments 12,569 N/A 59 N/A N/A
Guggenheim S&P Global Div Opps Idx ETF LVL World Stock Guggenheim Investments 12,482 N/A 11.23 N/A N/A
Deutsche X-trackers Muni Infras Revn Bd RVNU Muni National Long Deutsche Bank 12,446 N/A 26.76 N/A N/A
iShares Asia/Pacific Dividend DVYA Diversified Pacific/Asia iShares 12,434 N/A 49.19 N/A N/A
ELEMENTS Dogs of Dow DJ HY Sel 10 TR ETN DOD Large Value ELEMENTS 12,411 N/A 14.86 N/A N/A
Credit Suisse Long/Short Equity ETN CSLS Long/Short Equity Credit Suisse AG 12,404 N/A 25.49 N/A N/A
WisdomTree Indian Rupee Strategy ETF ICN Single Currency WisdomTree 12,355 N/A 21.38 N/A N/A
FlexShares STOXX Global Broad Infras ETF NFRA World Stock Flexshares Trust 12,227 N/A 45.08 N/A N/A
PowerShares DB Gold ETF DGL Commodities Precious Metals PowerShares DB 12,125 N/A 41.94 N/A N/A
First Trust FTSE EN Dev Mkts Rel Est ETF FFR Global Real Estate First Trust 12,092 N/A 45.97 N/A N/A
PowerShares Global Clean Energy ETF PBD Miscellaneous Sector PowerShares 12,090 N/A 11.34 N/A N/A
Guggenheim China Technology ETF CQQQ China Region Guggenheim Investments 11,996 N/A 34.83 N/A N/A
Market Vectors® Indonesia Small-Cap ETF IDXJ Miscellaneous Region Market Vectors 11,863 N/A 13.45 N/A N/A
Guggenheim S&P MidCap 400® Pure Gr ETF RFG Mid-Cap Growth Guggenheim Investments 11,820 N/A 121.56 N/A N/A
PowerShares S&P SmCap Cnsmr Discret ETF PSCD Consumer Cyclical PowerShares 11,738 N/A 50.55 N/A N/A
iShares Morningstar Large-Cap Growth JKE Large Growth iShares 11,502 N/A 113.3 N/A N/A
iShares Global Materials MXI Natural Resources iShares 11,490 N/A 55.43 N/A N/A
ProShares RAFI® Long/Short RALS Market Neutral ProShares 11,470 N/A 40.97 N/A N/A
Market Vectors® Steel ETF SLX Natural Resources Market Vectors 11,435 N/A 31.61 N/A N/A
Fidelity® Nasdaq Composite Tr Stk ETF ONEQ Large Growth Fidelity Investments 11,425 N/A 187.45 N/A N/A
EGShares Low Volatility EM Dividend ETF HILO Diversified Emerging Mkts Emerging Global Advisors 11,299 N/A 13.98 N/A N/A
Credit Suisse Gold Shares Cov Call ETN GLDI Commodities Precious Metals Credit Suisse AG 11,119 N/A 12.51 N/A N/A
SPDR® Barclays Short Term Treasury ETF SST Short Government SPDR State Street Global Advisors 11,104 N/A 30.38 N/A N/A
PowerShares New York AMT-Free MuniBd ETF PZT Muni New York Long PowerShares 11,066 N/A 24.84 N/A N/A
iShares MSCI USA ESG Select KLD Large Blend iShares 10,944 N/A 83.16 N/A N/A
ProShares Ultra MSCI Brazil Capped UBR Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 10,924 N/A 24.87 N/A N/A
ProShares Ultra Technology ROM Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 10,905 N/A 139.91 N/A N/A
PowerShares S&P SmallCap Info Tech ETF PSCT Technology PowerShares 10,774 N/A 48.85 N/A N/A
PowerShares DWA Technology Momentum ETF PTF Technology PowerShares 10,750 N/A 37.93 N/A N/A
First Trust ISE Global Wind Energy ETF FAN Miscellaneous Sector First Trust 10,687 N/A 10.35 N/A N/A
First Trust Value Line® 100 ETF ETF FVL Mid-Cap Blend First Trust 10,629 N/A 19.66 N/A N/A
Market Vectors® Natural Resources ETF HAP Natural Resources Market Vectors 10,507 N/A 33.17 N/A N/A
ProShares Ultra Utilities UPW Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 10,499 N/A 111.52 N/A N/A
Global X Southeast Asia ETF ASEA Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk Global X Funds 10,412 N/A 15.41 N/A N/A
WisdomTree Global Equity Income ETF DEW World Stock WisdomTree 10,406 N/A 43.63 N/A N/A
Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth ETF VONG Large Growth Vanguard 10,366 N/A 97.86 N/A N/A
Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth ETF VTWG Small Growth Vanguard 10,229 N/A 103.48 N/A N/A
WisdomTree Global Natural Resources ETF GNAT Natural Resources WisdomTree 10,196 N/A 15.78 N/A N/A
Direxion Daily 7-10 Yr Trs Bear 3X ETF TYO Trading-Inverse Debt Direxion Funds 10,127 N/A 16.51 N/A N/A
Guggenheim Raymond James SB-1 Equity ETF RYJ Mid-Cap Blend Guggenheim Investments 10,049 N/A 33.46 N/A N/A
SPDR® S&P Emerging Markets ETF GMM Diversified Emerging Mkts SPDR State Street Global Advisors 10,035 N/A 63.3 N/A N/A


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