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All non-intraday data as of: 30-Jun-2014
ETF Name Ticker Category Fund Family Net Assets Expense Ratio Annual Turnover Ratio Legal Type Inception Date
Vanguard S&P 500 ETF VOO Large Blend Vanguard 179.72B +0.05% +3.0% Exchange Traded Fund 07-Sep-2010
WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity DXJ Japan Stock WisdomTree 10.54B +0.48% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 16-Jun-2006
Market Vectors? Gold Miners ETF GDX Equity Precious Metals Market Vectors 7.98B +0.53% +33.0% Exchange Traded Fund 16-May-2006
iShares MSCI United Kingdom EWU Miscellaneous Region iShares 4.25B +0.51% +4.0% Exchange Traded Fund 12-Mar-1996
PowerShares S&P 500 Low Volatility ETF SPLV Large Value PowerShares 4.16B +0.25% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 05-May-2011
WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Inc DEM Diversified Emerging Mkts WisdomTree 3.95B +0.63% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 13-Jul-2007
ProShares Ultra S&P500 SSO Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 2.45B +0.9% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 19-Jun-2006
Market Vectors? Agribusiness ETF MOO Natural Resources Market Vectors 2.44B +0.55% +33.0% Exchange Traded Fund 31-Aug-2007
Market Vectors? Junior Gold Miners ETF GDXJ Equity Precious Metals Market Vectors 2.31B +0.56% +34.0% Exchange Traded Fund 10-Nov-2009
iShares MSCI Hong Kong EWH China Region iShares 1.93B +0.51% +12.0% Exchange Traded Fund 12-Mar-1996
iPath DJ-UBS Commodity Index TR ETN DJP Commodities Broad Basket Barclays Funds 1.68B +0.75% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 06-Jun-2006
Market Vectors? Russia ETF RSX Miscellaneous Region Market Vectors 1.67B +0.62% +27.0% Exchange Traded Fund 24-Apr-2007
ProShares UltraShort S&P500 SDS Trading-Inverse Equity ProShares 1.57B +0.9% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 11-Jul-2006
ProShares Short S&P500 SH Trading-Inverse Equity ProShares 1.57B +0.9% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 19-Jun-2006
Market Vectors? Oil Services ETF OIH Equity Energy Market Vectors 1.51B +0.35% +10.0% Exchange Traded Fund 20-Dec-2011
EGShares Emerging Markets Consumer ECON Diversified Emerging Mkts Emerging Global Advisors 1.3B +0.84% +14.0% Exchange Traded Fund 14-Sep-2010
PowerShares Intl Div Achiev ETF PID Foreign Large Blend PowerShares 1.28B +0.54% N/A Exchange Traded Fund 15-Sep-2005
PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals ETF PJP Health PowerShares 1.17B +0.58% N/A Exchange Traded Fund 23-Jun-2005
Market Vectors? High-Yield Municipal ETF HYD High Yield Muni Market Vectors 1.09B +0.35% +21.0% Exchange Traded Fund 04-Feb-2009
AdvisorShares Peritus High Yield ETF HYLD High Yield Bond AdvisorShares 1.08B +1.25% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 30-Nov-2010
PowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1500 Sm-Mid ETF PRFZ Small Blend PowerShares 1B +0.39% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 20-Sep-2006
WisdomTree Equity Income DHS Large Value WisdomTree 893.18M +0.38% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 16-Jun-2006
Market Vectors? EM Local Currency Bd ETF EMLC Emerging Markets Bond Market Vectors 857.07M +0.47% +16.0% Exchange Traded Fund 22-Jul-2010
PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Value ETF PWV Large Value PowerShares 837.86M +0.57% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 03-Mar-2005
ProShares Ultra Financials UYG Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 821.95M +0.95% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 30-Jan-2007
ProShares Ultra Russell2000 UWM Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 815.27M +0.95% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 23-Jan-2007
ProShares Ultra MidCap400 MVV Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 765.05M +0.95% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 19-Jun-2006
ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 732.75M +0.95% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 19-Jun-2006
Guggenheim Enhanced Short Dur ETF GSY Ultrashort Bond Guggenheim Investments 709.39M +0.26% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 12-Feb-2008
PowerShares Fundamental HiYld CorpBd ETF PHB High Yield Bond PowerShares 660.79M +0.5% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 15-Nov-2007
Guggenheim BulletShrs?2017 Corp Bd ETF BSCH Corporate Bond Guggenheim Investments 641.06M +0.24% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 07-Jun-2010
ProShares Ultra 7-10 Year Treasury UST Trading-Leveraged Debt ProShares 635.64M +0.95% N/A Exchange Traded Fund 19-Jan-2010
ProShares UltraPro S&P500 UPRO Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 625.95M +0.95% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 23-Jun-2009
Guggenheim BulletShrs?2016 Corp Bd ETF BSCG Corporate Bond Guggenheim Investments 622.65M +0.24% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 07-Jun-2010
WisdomTree DEFA DWM Foreign Large Value WisdomTree 600.18M +0.48% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 16-Jun-2006
Guggenheim BulletShrs?2015 Corp Bd ETF BSCF Corporate Bond Guggenheim Investments 576.23M +0.24% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 07-Jun-2010
db X-trackers MSCI EAFE Hedged Eq ETF DBEF Foreign Large Blend Deutsche Bank 562.01M +0.48% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 09-Jun-2011
ProShares UltraPro QQQ TQQQ Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 556.76M +0.95% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 09-Feb-2010
Market Vectors? Vietnam ETF VNM Miscellaneous Region Market Vectors 556.19M +0.7% +48.0% Exchange Traded Fund 11-Aug-2009
Market Vectors? Biotech ETF BBH Health Market Vectors 505.28M +0.35% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 20-Dec-2011
db X-trackers MSCI Japan Hedged Eq ETF DBJP Japan Stock Deutsche Bank 445.22M +0.52% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 09-Jun-2011
PowerShares High Yld Eq Div Achiev? ETF PEY Mid-Cap Value PowerShares 442.38M +0.55% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 09-Dec-2004
Market Vectors? EM High Yield Bd ETF HYEM Emerging Markets Bond Market Vectors 433.32M +0.4% +16.0% Exchange Traded Fund 08-May-2012
Market Vectors? India Small-Cap ETF SCIF India Equity Market Vectors 410.36M +0.85% +77.0% Exchange Traded Fund 24-Aug-2010
Guggenheim BulletShrs?2014 Corp Bd ETF BSCE Short-Term Bond Guggenheim Investments 409.74M +0.24% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 07-Jun-2010
Market Vectors? Semiconductor ETF SMH Technology Market Vectors 394.94M +0.35% +4.0% Exchange Traded Fund 20-Dec-2011
PowerShares S&P 500 High Quality ETF SPHQ Large Blend PowerShares 384.64M +0.29% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 06-Dec-2005
PowerShares Dynamic Biotech & Genome ETF PBE Health PowerShares 380.61M +0.59% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 23-Jun-2005
Fidelity? Nasdaq Composite Index? Tr Stk ONEQ Large Growth Fidelity Investments 362.94M +0.26% +10.0% Exchange Traded Fund 25-Sep-2003
ProShares Ultra Nasdaq Biotechnology BIB Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 362.04M +0.95% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 06-Apr-2010


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