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All non-intraday data as of: 31-Oct-2014
ETF Name Ticker Category Fund Family Net Assets Expense Ratio Annual Turnover Ratio Legal Type Inception Date
Vanguard Growth ETF VUG Large Growth Vanguard 43.57B +0.09% +32.0% Exchange Traded Fund 26-Jan-2004
PowerShares QQQ ETF A0MN1Y Large Growth PowerShares 40.47B +0.2% +14.73% Exchange Traded Fund 10-Mar-1999
iShares Russell 1000 Growth IWF Large Growth iShares 25.91B +0.2% +15.0% Exchange Traded Fund 22-May-2000
iShares S&P 500 Growth IVW Large Growth iShares 11.41B +0.18% +25.0% Exchange Traded Fund 22-May-2000
Guggenheim S&P 500? Pure Growth ETF RPG Large Growth Guggenheim Investments 1.79B +0.35% +44.0% Exchange Traded Fund 01-Mar-2006
Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth ETF VONG Large Growth Vanguard 1.78B +0.12% +18.0% Exchange Traded Fund 20-Sep-2010
Vanguard Mega Cap Growth ETF MGK Large Growth Vanguard 1.64B +0.11% +11.0% Exchange Traded Fund 17-Dec-2007
Schwab US Large-Cap Growth ETF? SCHG Large Growth Schwab ETFs 1.61B +0.07% +7.0% Exchange Traded Fund 11-Dec-2009
iShares Morningstar Large-Cap Growth JKE Large Growth iShares 613.66M +0.25% +23.0% Exchange Traded Fund 28-Jun-2004
iShares Russell Top 200 Growth IWY Large Growth iShares 587.2M +0.2% +13.0% Exchange Traded Fund 22-Sep-2009
Credit Suisse FI Large Cap Gr Enh ETN FLGE Large Growth Credit Suisse AG 552.79M 0.0% N/A Exchange Traded Fund 11-Jun-2014
iShares Core US Growth IUSG Large Growth iShares 533.75M +0.25% +15.0% Exchange Traded Fund 24-Jul-2000
First Trust US IPO ETF FPX Large Growth First Trust 518.13M +0.6% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 12-Apr-2006
First Trust NASDAQ-100 Equal Wtd ETF QQEW Large Growth First Trust 472.61M +0.6% +38.0% Exchange Traded Fund 19-Apr-2006
First Trust Large Cap Gr AlphaDEX? ETF FTC Large Growth First Trust 439.28M +0.66% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 08-May-2007
iShares MSCI USA Momentum Factor MTUM Large Growth iShares 418.23M +0.15% +123.0% Exchange Traded Fund 16-Apr-2013
Fidelity? Nasdaq Composite Tr Stk ETF ONEQ Large Growth Fidelity Investments 418.16M +0.26% +10.0% Exchange Traded Fund 25-Sep-2003
Vanguard S&P 500 Growth ETF VOOG Large Growth Vanguard 378.85M +0.15% +23.0% Exchange Traded Fund 07-Sep-2010
PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Growth ETF PWB Large Growth PowerShares 280.71M +0.58% N/A Exchange Traded Fund 03-Mar-2005
PowerShares Fundamental Pure Lg Gr ETF PXLG Large Growth PowerShares 125.48M +0.39% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 16-Jun-2011
First Trust NASDAQ-100 ex-Tech Sect ETF QQXT Large Growth First Trust 99.83M +0.6% +33.0% Exchange Traded Fund 08-Feb-2007
AlphaClone Alternative Alpha ETF ALFA Large Growth AlphaClone 81.34M +0.95% +66.0% Exchange Traded Fund 31-May-2012
RBS NASDAQ-100? Trendpilot? ETN TNDQ Large Growth Royal Bank of Scotland NV 54.12M 0.0% 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 08-Dec-2011
Direxion NASDAQ-100? Equal Wtd ETF QQQE Large Growth Direxion Funds 33.76M +0.35% N/A Exchange Traded Fund 21-Mar-2012
Credit Suisse FI Enhanced Big Cap Gr ETN FIBG Large Growth Credit Suisse AG 31.65M N/A 0.0% Exchange Traded Fund 17-Oct-2013
Columbia Select Large Cap Growth ETF RWG Large Growth Columbia 11.87M +0.84% +42.0% Exchange Traded Fund 02-Oct-2009
Huntington US Equity Rotation Strat ETF HUSE Large Growth Huntington Strategy Shares 10.55M +0.95% +39.0% Exchange Traded Fund 23-Jul-2012
Columbia Large Cap Growth ETF RPX Large Growth Columbia 6.5M +0.83% +66.0% Exchange Traded Fund 02-Oct-2009