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All non-intraday data as of: 30-Jun-2014
ETF Name Ticker Category Fund Family Net Assets Expense Ratio Annual Turnover Ratio Legal Type Inception Date
iShares Core GNMA Bond GNMA Intermediate Government iShares 34.91M +0.17% +1335.0% Exchange Traded Fund 14-Feb-2012
Vanguard Mortgage-Backed Sec Idx ETF VMBS Intermediate-Term Bond Vanguard 836.09M +0.12% +840.0% Exchange Traded Fund 19-Nov-2009
iShares MBS MBB Intermediate-Term Bond iShares 5.88B +0.25% +560.0% Exchange Traded Fund 13-Mar-2007
SPDR Barclays Mortgage Backed Bond ETF MBG Intermediate-Term Bond SPDR State Street Global Advisors 126.09M +0.2% +544.0% Exchange Traded Fund 15-Jan-2009
PIMCO Total Return ETF BOND Intermediate-Term Bond PIMCO 3.42B +0.55% +449.0% Exchange Traded Fund 29-Feb-2012
ProShares Ultra 7-10 Year Treasury UST Trading-Leveraged Debt ProShares 635.64M +0.95% +289.0% Exchange Traded Fund 19-Jan-2010
PowerShares Dynamic Oil & Gas Services PXJ Equity Energy PowerShares 134.61M +0.61% +259.0% Exchange Traded Fund 26-Oct-2005
ProShares UltraPro Shr 10 Yr TIPS/TSY Sp SINF Trading-Miscellaneous ProShares 1.98M +0.75% +259.0% Exchange Traded Fund 07-Feb-2012
PowerShares Dynamic Market PWC Mid-Cap Blend PowerShares 196.82M +0.6% +244.0% Exchange Traded Fund 01-May-2003
ProShares UltraPro 10 Yr TIPS/TSY Sp UINF Trading-Miscellaneous ProShares 1.77M +0.75% +240.0% Exchange Traded Fund 07-Feb-2012
PIMCO Global Advantage Infl-Lkd Bd ETF ILB World Bond PIMCO 137.41M +0.6% +216.0% Exchange Traded Fund 30-Apr-2012
Direxion Daily India Bull 3X Shares INDL Trading-Leveraged Equity Direxion Funds 67.54M +0.95% +190.0% Exchange Traded Fund 11-Mar-2010
PowerShares Dynamic Retail PMR Consumer Cyclical PowerShares 20.35M +0.63% +184.0% Exchange Traded Fund 26-Oct-2005
iShares Core US Aggregate Bond AGG Intermediate-Term Bond iShares 17.6B +0.08% +180.0% Exchange Traded Fund 22-Sep-2003
Columbia Core Bond ETF GMTB Intermediate-Term Bond Columbia 5.21M +0.53% +178.0% Exchange Traded Fund 29-Jan-2010
iShares MSCI India INDA India Equity iShares 1.32B +0.67% +176.0% Exchange Traded Fund 02-Feb-2012
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Asia EEMA Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk iShares 62.45M +0.49% +174.0% Exchange Traded Fund 08-Feb-2012
First Trust Dev Mkts ex-US SC AlphaDEX FDTS Foreign Small/Mid Value First Trust 5.7M +0.8% +171.0% Exchange Traded Fund 15-Feb-2012
PowerShares Dynamic Leisure & Entertain PEJ Consumer Cyclical PowerShares 165.26M +0.63% +171.0% Exchange Traded Fund 23-Jun-2005
SPDR Barclays Aggregate Bond LAG Intermediate-Term Bond SPDR State Street Global Advisors 735.31M +0.13% +165.0% Exchange Traded Fund 23-May-2007
ProShares Ultra Russell2000 UWM Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 815.27M +0.95% +164.0% Exchange Traded Fund 23-Jan-2007
ProShares Ultra MSCI Emerging Markets EET Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 48.63M +0.95% +163.0% Exchange Traded Fund 02-Jun-2009
ProShares Ultra 20+ Year Treasury UBT Trading-Leveraged Debt ProShares 32.22M +0.95% +163.0% Exchange Traded Fund 19-Jan-2010
EGShares Emerg Mkts Domestic Demand ETF EMDD Diversified Emerging Mkts Emerging Global Advisors 25.88M +0.85% +159.0% Exchange Traded Fund 15-Aug-2012
Schwab US Aggregate Bond ETF? SCHZ Intermediate-Term Bond Schwab ETFs 741.2M +0.05% +152.0% Exchange Traded Fund 14-Jul-2011
PowerShares Dynamic Software PSJ Technology PowerShares 53.45M +0.63% +150.0% Exchange Traded Fund 23-Jun-2005
ProShares Ultra MSCI EAFE EFO Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 48.28M +0.95% +145.0% Exchange Traded Fund 04-Jun-2009
PowerShares Dynamic Food & Beverage PBJ Consumer Defensive PowerShares 328.4M +0.61% +145.0% Exchange Traded Fund 23-Jun-2005
First Trust Emerging Markets SC AlphaDEX FEMS Diversified Emerging Mkts First Trust 92.93M +0.8% +144.0% Exchange Traded Fund 15-Feb-2012
ProShares Ultra Industrials UXI Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 41.05M +0.95% +141.0% Exchange Traded Fund 30-Jan-2007
iShares 1-3 Year Treasury Bond SHY Short Government iShares 7.93B +0.15% +136.0% Exchange Traded Fund 22-Jul-2002
ProShares Short 30 Year TIPS/TSY Spread FINF Trading-Miscellaneous ProShares 3.78M +0.75% +126.0% Exchange Traded Fund 10-Jan-2012
PowerShares Zacks Micro Cap PZI Small Value PowerShares 60.86M +0.7% +123.0% Exchange Traded Fund 18-Aug-2005
PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Growth PWB Large Growth PowerShares 281.25M +0.58% +123.0% Exchange Traded Fund 03-Mar-2005
SPDR SSgA Global Allocation ETF GAL World Allocation SPDR State Street Global Advisors 97.59M +0.04% +123.0% Exchange Traded Fund 25-Apr-2012
SPDR S&P International Dividend DWX Foreign Large Value SPDR State Street Global Advisors 1.53B +0.45% +121.0% Exchange Traded Fund 12-Feb-2008
PowerShares Dynamic Media PBS Communications PowerShares 168.42M +0.63% +120.0% Exchange Traded Fund 23-Jun-2005
PowerShares Dynamic Building & Construct PKB Industrials PowerShares 124.86M +0.63% +117.0% Exchange Traded Fund 26-Oct-2005
SPDR Nuveen S&P VRDO Municipal Bond VRD Muni National Short SPDR State Street Global Advisors 6M +0.2% +110.0% Exchange Traded Fund 23-Sep-2009
Guggenheim Multi-Asset Income CVY Large Value Guggenheim Investments 1.34B +0.65% +108.0% Exchange Traded Fund 21-Sep-2006
PIMCO Build America Bond ETF BABZ Long-Term Bond PIMCO 23.63M +0.45% +105.0% Exchange Traded Fund 20-Sep-2010
ProShares 30 Year TIPS/TSY Spread RINF Trading-Miscellaneous ProShares 5.4M +0.75% +104.0% Exchange Traded Fund 10-Jan-2012
ProShares Ultra Russell MidCap Value UVU Trading-Leveraged Equity ProShares 13.66M +0.95% +100.0% Exchange Traded Fund 20-Feb-2007
PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity ETF MINT Ultrashort Bond PIMCO 3.8B +0.35% +100.0% Exchange Traded Fund 16-Nov-2009
PowerShares S&P 500 Downside Hdg PHDG Multialternative PowerShares 302.3M +0.38% +99.0% Exchange Traded Fund 05-Dec-2012
iShares Short Treasury Bond SHV Short Government iShares 2.05B +0.12% +97.0% Exchange Traded Fund 05-Jan-2007
First Trust Australia AlphaDEX FAUS Miscellaneous Region First Trust 1.65M +0.8% +92.0% Exchange Traded Fund 14-Feb-2012
Market Vectors Africa Index ETF AFK Miscellaneous Region Market Vectors 126.97M +0.78% +86.0% Exchange Traded Fund 10-Jul-2008
SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Dividend EDIV Diversified Emerging Mkts SPDR State Street Global Advisors 516.6M +0.6% +85.0% Exchange Traded Fund 23-Feb-2011
Cambria Shareholder Yield ETF SYLD Mid-Cap Value CAMBRIA ETF TRUST 219.76M N/A +83.0% Exchange Traded Fund 13-May-2013


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