• SPY
    Forbes28 minutes ago

    Will Apple's Earnings Take Stocks Back To Record Highs?

    If Apple has a good report, beating expectations, it should be a driver for broader stocks to revisit the all–time highs.

  • EWJ
    CNBC35 minutes ago

    Asia looks higher, despite strong dollar, oil fall tapering US gains

    Futures pointed to a higher open for Asian markets on Tuesday, with the ASX 200 climbing 0.39 percent in early trade.

  • EEM
    Barrons.com1 hour ago

    Philippines 101: Islam, Colonialism, Communism, Drugs, China & Duterte

    In case you missed the comments on the Philippines in The Wall Street Journal and Barron's over the weekend, they are required reading for anyone questioning the longstanding relationship between the United States and the Pacific island nation. Shares in the country, as represented in the iShares MSCI Philippines exchange-traded fund (EPHE), are up nearly 9% year to date, but has sorely underperformed other Asian markets and the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM), which is up 17% this year. As Barron's columnist William Pesek noted in our Up and Down Asia column over the weekend -- in "Duterte Sells Philippines to China on the Cheap" -- Duterte's efforts to cut drug use and trade is important, "but the 3,300-plus corpses piling up around the nation won’t hasten gross domestic product growth." The first part of the WSJ story discusses President Rodrigo Duterte's steel grip on crime, his attempt to break military ties with the United States, overtures Duterte has made in China and his desire to spread economic wealth more evenly across society.