• GLD
    Forbes11 minutes ago

    Is The Market Overestimating Rate Hike Chances Again?

    We talked about the mixed message from the Fed running up to the Jackson Hole Conference. Some Fed members had been out publicly putting a September rate hike on the table. Others had publicly been withdrawing a desire to make projections about what the future rate path looks like. What did

  • GDX
    Market Realist41 minutes ago

    How to Diversify Your Portfolio With Gold

    Gold as a means of portfolio diversification Gold has unique properties as an asset class that could be used as a means to attempt to enhance portfolio diversification. A number…

  • XLE
    Market Realist41 minutes ago

    Is a Commodity Price Rebound in the Cards?

    Commodity prices are expected to remain buoyant. Year-to-date, cotton prices have risen 7.4% after a positive export sales report from the USDA.