• TLT
    Forbes34 minutes ago

    The Scariest Chart For Bond Yields

    It isn't Halloween yet, but I think this chart deserves attention as it highlights the potential complacency in the Fixed Income markets.  I have listed several reasons why I believe rates are still headed higher (here), but I think these charts should be respected, if not feared, by fixed income

  • SPY
    Forbes8 hours ago

    Why It's Not Safe To Buy Stocks Right Now

    The Wall Street Journal reports – yet again – that stock picking is dead. We’re being told that passive index funds outperform actively managed funds over the long term, and smart investors should choose passive because actively beating the market isn’t possible. On one level, this is true. If your plan

  • SPY
    Investopedia22 hours ago

    Major Indexes Flat This Week, Netflix the Big Winner

    The major indexes were mostly flat this week. Big rallies in Netflix and American Express were offset by declines in eBay.