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  • IWM
    Forbes1 hour ago

    Is The Stock Market Now On Thin Ice?

    Some think that Trump's poor understanding of the legislative process dooms the rest of his legislative agenda does this mean that the stock market is on thin ice?

  • SPY
    TheStreet.com4 hours ago

    Week Ahead: Tax Reform or ... Bust

    As Trump and the GOP pivot from their Trumpcare debacle to tackle tax reform, a repeat of their missteps could trigger the expected correction. Here's what to look for.

  • UVXY
    Forbes4 hours ago

    Move Over Golden Goose - We've Got VIX To Sell!

    I am seeing a shift in the VIX related ETFs and ETNs where investors seem less interested in using them as hedges, but rather want to use them as long risk positions. The performance demonstrates why that shift is occurring, but there are dangers inherent in selling volatility.