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  • EEM
    Barrons.com4 hours ago

    3 Emerging Markets Currencies That Goldman Likes

    U.S. President Donald Trump has said the dollar is "too strong" and "it's killing us." The Thai baht, the new Taiwan dollar and the Philippine peso will likely strengthen over the next month, as currency markets gyrate on Trump's comments, according to Goldman Sachs. The Thai baht is Goldman's favorite emerging Asia currency because of its strong current account position. Goldman estimates that Thailand can run a current account surplus to the tune of 8.8% of GDP this year.

  • SPY
    MarketWatch11 hours ago

    How stocks perform in a new president’s first 100 days — in one chart

    Donald Trump is about to get his first 100 days as U.S. president, and one strategist is highlighting how stocks have fared historically during a new president’s initial months on the job.

  • XLF
    Forbes17 hours ago

    Beware The Trump Dump

    This "Trump Bump" has squelched many naysayers, but could we be due for a "Trump Dump"? Whether you participated in the market euphoria or wondering if it's too late to get in on the action here's a game plan and model portfolio for protecting your gains and prospering under the Trump presidency.