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    Forbes10 hours ago

    Five Charts Everyone Should See This Weekend

    The jobs report today was a snoozer as expected. That's because the world is no longer transfixed with and dependent on monetary policy. We've moved from a monetary policy driven world, to a world chomping at the bit for some fiscal stimulus and pro–growth policies. And all signs are that it's

  • EEM
    Barrons.com12 hours ago

    India Rupee Demonetization: A Government Windfall?

    By removing roughly 85% of rupee value in circulation -- an estimated $73 billion --- India is inflicting consumer pain for some long term gain. Thornburg Investment Management notes that because cash in circulation is roughly 12% of GDP, the move to retire 500- and 1000-rupee notes ($7.50 and $15) could mean a decline in GDP of 0.5% to 1%, according to CLSA via Thornburg. CLSA adds: this "is essentially the cost of poor execution … rather than an outcome of demonetization, as is being misconstrued by many.” But Thornburg explains why Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Reserve Bank of India pushed this structural reform -- and timed it to be obscured by the market gyrations following the U.S. presidential election.

  • Stock ETFs Halt 3-Week Trump Rally, But Flagship Oil ETF Jumps 11%
    Investor's Business Daily12 hours ago

    Stock ETFs Halt 3-Week Trump Rally, But Flagship Oil ETF Jumps 11%

    Energy funds were winners in a week when OPEC members agreed to cut production.