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Mutual Fund Finder

Last update: 30-Sep-2014
Fund Name Ticker Category Fund Family 3-Mo Return YTD Return 3-YR Return 5-YR Return Morningstar Rating
Hennessy Gas Utility Index Investor GASFX Utilities Hennessy
MFS? Utilities I MMUIX Utilities MFS
Prudential Jennison Utility R JDURX Utilities Prudential Investments
MFS? Utilities R5 MMUKX Utilities MFS
Prudential Jennison Utility B PRUTX Utilities Prudential Investments
MFS? Utilities A MMUFX Utilities MFS
VY MFS Utilities S IMUSX Utilities Voya
Franklin Utilities Adv FRUAX Utilities Franklin Templeton Investments
VY MFS Utilities I IMUIX Utilities Voya
Prudential Jennison Utility C PCUFX Utilities Prudential Investments
Wells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom I EVUYX Utilities Wells Fargo Advantage
Fidelity? Telecom and Utilities FIUIX Utilities Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Advisor? Utilities I FUGIX Utilities Fidelity Investments
VY MFS Utilities A IMFAX Utilities Voya
VY MFS Utilities S2 IMFSX Utilities Voya
Fidelity Advisor? Utilities A FUGAX Utilities Fidelity Investments
Franklin Utilities C FRUSX Utilities Franklin Templeton Investments
Meeder Utilities and Infrastructure FLRUX Utilities Meeder Funds
Fidelity? Select Utilities Portfolio FSUTX Utilities Fidelity Investments
Vanguard Utilities Index Adm VUIAX Utilities Vanguard
Wells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom C EVUCX Utilities Wells Fargo Advantage
Wells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom B EVUBX Utilities Wells Fargo Advantage
Fidelity Advisor? Utilities T FAUFX Utilities Fidelity Investments
American Century Utilities Inv BULIX Utilities American Century Investments
MFS? Utilities R1 MMUGX Utilities MFS
Franklin Utilities A FKUTX Utilities Franklin Templeton Investments
Fidelity Advisor? Utilities B FAUBX Utilities Fidelity Investments
Wells Fargo Advantage Util&Telecom Adm EVUDX Utilities Wells Fargo Advantage
Reaves Utilities and Energy Infras Instl RSRFX Utilities Reaves Select Research
Fidelity Advisor? Utilities C FUGCX Utilities Fidelity Investments
Reaves Utilities and Energy Infras A RSRAX Utilities Reaves Select Research
Rydex Utilities Adv RYAUX Utilities Rydex Funds
Rydex Utilities Inv RYUIX Utilities Rydex Funds
ICON Utilities S ICTUX Utilities ICON Funds
Gabelli Utilities C GAUCX Utilities Gabelli
Gabelli Utilities A GAUAX Utilities Gabelli
Putnam Global Utilities Y PUTYX Utilities Putnam
ICON Utilities A ICTVX Utilities ICON Funds
Putnam Global Utilities B PUTBX Utilities Putnam
Putnam Global Utilities M PUTMX Utilities Putnam
Rydex Utilities C RYCUX Utilities Rydex Funds
Rydex Utilities A RYUTX Utilities Rydex Funds