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Last update: 31-Dec-2014
Fund Name Ticker Category Fund Family 3-Mo Return YTD Return 3-YR Return 5-YR Return Morningstar Rating
Prudential Jennison Utility Z PRUZX Utilities Prudential Investments
Prudential Jennison Utility R JDURX Utilities Prudential Investments
Hennessy Gas Utility Index Investor GASFX Utilities Hennessy
Wells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom I EVUYX Utilities Wells Fargo Advantage
Franklin Utilities Adv FRUAX Utilities Franklin Templeton Investments
Franklin Utilities R FRURX Utilities Franklin Templeton Investments
VY MFS Utilities I IMUIX Utilities Voya
Franklin Utilities C FRUSX Utilities Franklin Templeton Investments
VY MFS Utilities S IMUSX Utilities Voya
Fidelity Advisor® Utilities I FUGIX Utilities Fidelity Investments
Fidelity® Select Utilities Portfolio FSUTX Utilities Fidelity Investments
VY MFS Utilities S2 IMFSX Utilities Voya
MFS® Utilities R5 MMUKX Utilities MFS
MFS® Utilities C MMUCX Utilities MFS
MFS® Utilities R2 MURRX Utilities MFS
MFS® Utilities A MMUFX Utilities MFS
Prudential Jennison Utility B PRUTX Utilities Prudential Investments
Prudential Jennison Utility A PRUAX Utilities Prudential Investments
Prudential Jennison Utility C PCUFX Utilities Prudential Investments
Franklin Utilities R6 FUFRX Utilities Franklin Templeton Investments
MFS® Utilities I MMUIX Utilities MFS
Wells Fargo Advantage Util&Telecom Adm EVUDX Utilities Wells Fargo Advantage
VY MFS Utilities A IMFAX Utilities Voya
Wells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom B EVUBX Utilities Wells Fargo Advantage
Wells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom A EVUAX Utilities Wells Fargo Advantage
MFS® Utilities R4 MMUJX Utilities MFS
Fidelity® Telecom and Utilities FIUIX Utilities Fidelity Investments
Vanguard Utilities Index Adm VUIAX Utilities Vanguard
Wells Fargo Advantage Utility&Telecom C EVUCX Utilities Wells Fargo Advantage
Fidelity Advisor® Utilities A FUGAX Utilities Fidelity Investments
Gabelli Utilities AAA GABUX Utilities Gabelli
Fidelity Advisor® Utilities B FAUBX Utilities Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Advisor® Utilities C FUGCX Utilities Fidelity Investments
Franklin Utilities A FKUTX Utilities Franklin Templeton Investments
MFS® Utilities R1 MMUGX Utilities MFS
MFS® Utilities B MMUBX Utilities MFS
ICON Utilities S ICTUX Utilities ICON Funds
MFS® Utilities R3 MMUHX Utilities MFS
American Century Utilities Inv BULIX Utilities American Century Investments
Fidelity Advisor® Utilities T FAUFX Utilities Fidelity Investments
Rydex Utilities Adv RYAUX Utilities Rydex Funds
Rydex Utilities Inv RYUIX Utilities Rydex Funds
Meeder Utilities and Infrastructure FLRUX Utilities Meeder Funds
ICON Utilities C ICTZX Utilities ICON Funds
Gabelli Utilities A GAUAX Utilities Gabelli
Reaves Utilities and Energy Infras Instl RSRFX Utilities Reaves Select Research
Gabelli Utilities I GAUIX Utilities Gabelli
Gabelli Utilities C GAUCX Utilities Gabelli
Rydex Utilities A RYUTX Utilities Rydex Funds
Putnam Global Utilities A PUGIX Utilities Putnam


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