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Last update: 30-Sep-2014
Fund Name Ticker Category Fund Family 3-Mo Return YTD Return 3-YR Return 5-YR Return Morningstar Rating
MFS? Managed Wealth I MNWIX Large Blend MFS
MainStay MAP B MAPBX Large Blend MainStay
MainStay MAP C MMPCX Large Blend MainStay
Virtus Growth & Income C PGICX Large Blend Virtus
JPMorgan Investor Growth A ONGAX Large Blend JPMorgan
USAA Income Stock Institutional UIISX Large Blend USAA
Stratus Growth Retail A STWAX Large Blend Stratus Fund
Wells Fargo Advantage Intrinsic Val R EIVTX Large Blend Wells Fargo Advantage
Westwood Dividend Growth Institutional WHGDX Large Blend Westwood
First Investors Growth and Income Instl FGIQX Large Blend First Investors
First Investors Growth and Income Adv FGIPX Large Blend First Investors
Dreyfus Large Cap Equity A DLQAX Large Blend Dreyfus
MFS? Managed Wealth R3 MNWTX Large Blend MFS
MFS? Managed Wealth R2 MNWSX Large Blend MFS
Dreyfus Core Equity I DPERX Large Blend Dreyfus
Royce Special Equity Multi-Cap Cnsltnt RSMLX Large Blend Royce
Invesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 R6 VADFX Large Blend Invesco
Hartford Capital Appreciation B IHCAX Large Blend Hartford Mutual Funds
Vanguard Dividend Apprec Idx Admiral VDADX Large Blend Vanguard
Invesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 Y VADDX Large Blend Invesco
Dreyfus Core Equity A DLTSX Large Blend Dreyfus
Arin Large Cap Theta Institutional AVOLX Large Blend Nottingham
Gabelli Dividend Growth C GBCCX Large Blend Gabelli
Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Idx Inv VDAIX Large Blend Vanguard
Virtus AlphaSector Rotation C PWBCX Large Blend Virtus
Thornburg Value C TVCFX Large Blend Thornburg
JPMorgan Investor Growth B OGIGX Large Blend JPMorgan
BlackRock Aggressive Gr Prepared Instl BIAPX Large Blend BlackRock
JPMorgan Investor Growth C OGGCX Large Blend JPMorgan
Pacific Financial Explorer Inv PFLPX Large Blend Pacific Financial
Wells Fargo Advantage Intrinsic Val C EIVCX Large Blend Wells Fargo Advantage
First Investors Growth & Income A FGINX Large Blend First Investors
Invesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 A VADAX Large Blend Invesco
BBH Core Select Retail BBTRX Large Blend BBH
Thornburg Value B TVBFX Large Blend Thornburg
Arin Large Cap Theta Advisor AVOAX Large Blend Nottingham
Russell Strategic Call Overwriting S ROWSX Large Blend Russell
Dreyfus Large Cap Equity C DEYCX Large Blend Dreyfus
Stralem Equity Instl STEFX Large Blend Stralem Fund
BlackRock Aggressive Growth Prepared A BAAPX Large Blend BlackRock
Compass EMP US 500 Volatil Wtd I CFLIX Large Blend Compass EMP Funds
Oppenheimer Main Street Select A OMSOX Large Blend OppenheimerFunds
Goldman Sachs US Tax-Managed Eq IR GQIRX Large Blend Goldman Sachs
BlackRock Aggressive Growth Prepared R BRAPX Large Blend BlackRock
Invesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 R VADRX Large Blend Invesco
Oppenheimer Main Street Select R OMSNX Large Blend OppenheimerFunds
MFS? Managed Wealth C MNWCX Large Blend MFS
MFS? Managed Wealth B MNWBX Large Blend MFS
MFS? Managed Wealth R1 MNWRX Large Blend MFS
Dreyfus Core Equity C DPECX Large Blend Dreyfus


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