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Mutual Fund Finder

Last update: 30-Nov-2014
Fund Name Ticker Category Fund Family 3-Mo Return YTD Return 3-YR Return 5-YR Return Morningstar Rating
Invesco S&P 500 Index A SPIAX Large Blend Invesco
Vanguard Growth & Income Inv VQNPX Large Blend Vanguard
Deutsche S&P 500 Index S SCPIX Large Blend Deutsche Asset & Wealth Mngt
Victory Munder Index 500 Y MUXYX Large Blend Munder
Homestead Stock Index HSTIX Large Blend Homestead
State Farm S&P 500 Index R3 RSPHX Large Blend State Farm
Columbia Contrarian Core R4 CORRX Large Blend Columbia
Principal Large Cap S&P 500 Index A PLSAX Large Blend Principal Funds
Prudential Stock Index A PSIAX Large Blend Prudential Investments
Columbia Contrarian Core R5 COFRX Large Blend Columbia
Federated Max-Cap Index Instl FISPX Large Blend Federated
Wells Fargo Advantage Index A WFILX Large Blend Wells Fargo Advantage
Columbia Value and Restructuring R5 CVCRX Large Blend Columbia
State Street Equity 500 Index A SSSVX Large Blend State Street Global Advisors (Chicago)
Nuveen Symphony Low Volatility Equity I NOPRX Large Blend Nuveen
MM S&P 500® Index Svc MMIEX Large Blend MassMutual
American Beacon S&P 500 Idx Inv AAFPX Large Blend American Beacon
MainStay S&P 500 Index Inv MYSPX Large Blend MainStay
MainStay S&P 500 Index A MSXAX Large Blend MainStay
SEI S&P 500 Index I (SIMT) SPIIX Large Blend SEI
Voya US Stock Index A ISIVX Large Blend Voya
American Century Fundamental Equity A AFDAX Large Blend American Century Investments
Victory Munder Index 500 A MUXAX Large Blend Munder
MM S&P 500® Index Adm MIEYX Large Blend MassMutual
AAM/Bahl & Gaynor Income Growth I AFNIX Large Blend AAM
Fidelity® Series 100 Index FOHIX Large Blend Fidelity Investments
Nationwide S&P 500 Index A GRMAX Large Blend Nationwide
Columbia Value and Restructuring R4 CVRRX Large Blend Columbia
Columbia Contrarian Core K CCRFX Large Blend Columbia
Deutsche S&P 500 Index A SXPAX Large Blend Deutsche Asset & Wealth Mngt
Nationwide S&P 500 Index Svc GRMSX Large Blend Nationwide
Pioneer B PBODX Large Blend Pioneer Investments
Columbia Value and Restructuring Z UMBIX Large Blend Columbia
Great-West S&P 500® Index Init MXVIX Large Blend Great-West Funds
MM S&P 500® Index A MMFFX Large Blend MassMutual
State Farm S&P 500 Index A SNPAX Large Blend State Farm
MM S&P 500® Index R4 MIEAX Large Blend MassMutual
Janus Contrarian R JCNRX Large Blend Janus
JHancock US Equity 1 JHUPX Large Blend John Hancock
Putnam Research Y PURYX Large Blend Putnam
American Century Fundamental Equity R AFDRX Large Blend American Century Investments
PNC S&P 500 Index R5 PSFFX Large Blend PNC Funds
QS Batterymarch S&P 500 Index A SBSPX Large Blend Legg Mason
State Farm S&P 500 Index A Legacy SLIAX Large Blend State Farm
Nuveen Equity Index R3 FADSX Large Blend Nuveen
Columbia Contrarian Core A LCCAX Large Blend Columbia
Voya US Stock Index S2 ISIPX Large Blend Voya
MM S&P 500® Index R3 MMINX Large Blend MassMutual
JPMorgan Intrepid Advantage Sel JIISX Large Blend JPMorgan
Principal Large Cap S&P 500 Index R3 PLFMX Large Blend Principal Funds


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