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Last update: 31-Jul-2014
Fund Name Ticker Category Fund Family 3-Mo Return YTD Return 3-YR Return 5-YR Return Morningstar Rating
American Beacon Lg Cap Value R ALCRX Large Value American Beacon
Invesco Value Opp B VVOBX Large Value Invesco
BlackRock Large Cap Value Retirement K MKLVX Large Value BlackRock
First Investors Equity Income Advisor FIUUX Large Value First Investors
Northern Large Cap Value NOLVX Large Value Northern Funds
GuideStone Funds Value Equity Instl GVEYX Large Value GuideStone Funds
SunAmerica Strategic Value A SFVAX Large Value SunAmerica
TCW Relative Value Large Cap I TGDIX Large Value TCW
Perkins Large Cap Value T JPLTX Large Value Janus
MassMutual Premier Disciplined Value Svc DENVX Large Value MassMutual
Perkins Large Cap Value D JNPLX Large Value Janus
MainStay ICAP Equity R2 ICAYX Large Value MainStay
MainStay ICAP Equity Inv ICANX Large Value MainStay
MassMutual Select Fundamental Value R3 MFUNX Large Value MassMutual
Goldman Sachs Lg Cap Val Insights Svc GCLSX Large Value Goldman Sachs
Nationwide Ziegler Equity Inc C NWGZX Large Value Nationwide
Prudential Strategic Value B SUVBX Large Value Prudential Investments
Prudential Strategic Value C SUVCX Large Value Prudential Investments
ASTON/River Road Div All Cap Val II I ADIVX Large Value Aston
Perkins Large Cap Value A JAPAX Large Value Janus
Transparent Value Large-Cap Value C TVVCX Large Value Transparent Value Trust
MassMutual Premier Disciplined Value R5 MEPSX Large Value MassMutual
MassMutual Premier Disciplined Value Adm MPILX Large Value MassMutual
Putnam Fund for Growth & Income C PGRIX Large Value Putnam
Lord Abbett Calibrated Large Cap Value C LCACX Large Value Lord Abbett
First Investors Equity Income A FIUTX Large Value First Investors
Principal Large Cap Value III R5 PPSRX Large Value Principal Funds
Lord Abbett Affiliated I LAFYX Large Value Lord Abbett
RidgeWorth Large Cap Value Equity A SVIIX Large Value RidgeWorth
American Beacon The London Co Inc Eq Ins ABCIX Large Value American Beacon
MassMutual Premier Disciplined Value R4 MPIRX Large Value MassMutual
BlackRock Large Cap Value Inv A MDLVX Large Value BlackRock
BPV Large Cap Value Advisor BPAAX Large Value BPV
Principal Large Cap Value III J PLVJX Large Value Principal Funds
American Beacon The London Co Inc Eq Y ABCYX Large Value American Beacon
MainStay ICAP Equity R3 ICAZX Large Value MainStay
Calamos Opportunistic Value A CVAAX Large Value Calamos
Putnam Fund for Growth & Income B PGIBX Large Value Putnam
TCW Relative Value Large Cap N TGDVX Large Value TCW
Invesco Value Opp A VVOAX Large Value Invesco
GuideMark Large Cap Value Instl GILVX Large Value GuideMark
Principal Large Cap Value III R4 PPSSX Large Value Principal Funds
Perkins Large Cap Value S JAPSX Large Value Janus
BlackRock Large Cap Value Svc MSLVX Large Value BlackRock
Touchstone Value A TVLAX Large Value Touchstone
Goldman Sachs Lg Cap Val Insights R GCVRX Large Value Goldman Sachs
Nuveen Dividend Value R6 FFEFX Large Value Nuveen
American Beacon The London Co Inc Eq Inv ABCVX Large Value American Beacon
Skybridge Dividend Value I SKYIX Large Value SkyBridge
American Beacon Lg Cap Value C ALVCX Large Value American Beacon


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