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Last update: 30-Nov-2014
Fund Name Ticker Category Fund Family 3-Mo Return YTD Return 3-YR Return 5-YR Return Morningstar Rating
Voya Large Cap Value R IEDRX Large Value Voya
Eagle Growth & Income R6 HIGUX Large Value Eagle Funds
Voya Large Cap Value Portfolio A IPEAX Large Value Voya
Goldman Sachs Large Cap Value A GSLAX Large Value Goldman Sachs
Voya Large Cap Value Portfolio S2 IPETX Large Value Voya
SEI Large Cap Value A (SIMT) TRMVX Large Value SEI
AllianceBern Value A ABVAX Large Value AllianceBernstein
AllianceBern Value B ABVBX Large Value AllianceBernstein
ASTON/Cornerstone Large Cap Value N RVALX Large Value Aston
Hodges Equity Income Retl HDPEX Large Value Hodges
ALPS | WMC Disciplined Value C AMWCX Large Value ALPS
Delaware Value® C DDVCX Large Value Delaware Investments
Eagle Growth & Income R5 HIGSX Large Value Eagle Funds
Nuveen Tradewinds Value Opportunities A NVOAX Large Value Nuveen
AllianzGI NFJ All-Cap Value A PNFAX Large Value Allianz Funds
SEI Large Cap Value I (SIMT) SEUIX Large Value SEI
AllianzGI NFJ All-Cap Value D PNFDX Large Value Allianz Funds
AllianzGI NFJ All-Cap Value P ANFPX Large Value Allianz Funds
Calvert Equity Income Y CEIYX Large Value Calvert Investments
AllianceBern Value K ABVKX Large Value AllianceBernstein
Putnam Fund for Growth & Income M PGRMX Large Value Putnam
Monteagle Select Value I MVEIX Large Value Monteagle Funds
Goldman Sachs Large Cap Value Svc GSVSX Large Value Goldman Sachs
Eagle Growth & Income I HIGJX Large Value Eagle Funds
AllianceBern Value R ABVRX Large Value AllianceBernstein
JHancock Fundamental Large Cap Value C JFVCX Large Value John Hancock
Nuveen Tradewinds Value Opportunities R3 NTVTX Large Value Nuveen
Calvert Equity Income A CEIAX Large Value Calvert Investments
Wilshire Large Company Value Instl WLCVX Large Value Wilshire Mutual Funds
American Beacon Lg Cap Value C ALVCX Large Value American Beacon
Eagle Growth & Income A HRCVX Large Value Eagle Funds
Goldman Sachs Large Cap Value R GSVRX Large Value Goldman Sachs
Putnam Fund for Growth & Income B PGIBX Large Value Putnam
Putnam Fund for Growth & Income C PGRIX Large Value Putnam
Invesco Growth and Income R6 GIFFX Large Value Invesco
Voya Large Cap Value B IBEDX Large Value Voya
Voya Large Cap Value C IEDCX Large Value Voya
LSV Value Equity LSVEX Large Value LSV Fund
Vantagepoint Equity Income T VQEIX Large Value Vantagepoint Funds
First Investors Equity Income B FIUBX Large Value First Investors
Wilshire Large Company Value Invmt DTLVX Large Value Wilshire Mutual Funds
Invesco Growth and Income R5 ACGQX Large Value Invesco
AllianzGI NFJ All-Cap Value B PNFBX Large Value Allianz Funds
AllianceBern Value C ABVCX Large Value AllianceBernstein
Invesco Growth and Income Y ACGMX Large Value Invesco
Nuveen Tradewinds Value Opportunities C NVOCX Large Value Nuveen
Nuveen Dividend Value R6 FFEFX Large Value Nuveen
LSV Value Equity Investor LVAEX Large Value LSV Fund
Deutsche Large Cap Value Institutional KDCIX Large Value Deutsche Asset & Wealth Mngt
Vantagepoint Equity Income Investor VPEIX Large Value Vantagepoint Funds


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