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Last update: 31-Dec-2014
Fund Name Ticker Category Fund Family 3-Mo Return YTD Return 3-YR Return 5-YR Return Morningstar Rating
Fidelity® Select Insurance Port FSPCX Financial Fidelity Investments
Emerald Banking and Finance Instl HSSIX Financial Emerald
Emerald Banking and Finance A HSSAX Financial Emerald
Emerald Banking and Finance C HSSCX Financial Emerald
Fidelity® Select Consumer Finance Port FSVLX Financial Fidelity Investments
1919 Financial Services I LMRIX Financial 1919 Funds
Emerald Banking and Finance Investor FFBFX Financial Emerald
1919 Financial Services A SBFAX Financial 1919 Funds
Fidelity® Select Banking Portfolio FSRBX Financial Fidelity Investments
Diamond Hill Financial Long-Short I DHFSX Financial Diamond Hill Funds
JHancock Regional Bank A FRBAX Financial John Hancock
Diamond Hill Financial Long-Short A BANCX Financial Diamond Hill Funds
1919 Financial Services C SFSLX Financial 1919 Funds
Vanguard Financials Index Adm VFAIX Financial Vanguard
JHancock Financial Industries NAV JHANCOCKFINA Financial John Hancock
Royce Financial Services Svc RYFSX Financial Royce
JHancock Financial Industries A FIDAX Financial John Hancock
Schwab Financial Services SWFFX Financial Schwab Funds
JHancock Regional Bank B FRBFX Financial John Hancock
JHancock Regional Bank C FRBCX Financial John Hancock
T. Rowe Price Financial Services PRISX Financial T. Rowe Price
Alpine Financial Services Institutional ADFSX Financial Alpine
Diamond Hill Financial Long-Short C BSGCX Financial Diamond Hill Funds
Alpine Financial Services A ADAFX Financial Alpine
JHancock Financial Industries C FIDCX Financial John Hancock
JHancock Financial Industries B FIDBX Financial John Hancock
Davis Financial Y DVFYX Financial Davis Funds
Davis Financial A RPFGX Financial Davis Funds
Rydex Financial Services Inv RYFIX Financial Rydex Funds
Fidelity® Select Brokerage & Invmt Mgmt FSLBX Financial Fidelity Investments
Hennessy Large Cap Financial Investor HLFNX Financial Hennessy
Franklin Mutual Financial Services Z TEFAX Financial Franklin Templeton Investments
Rydex Financial Services A RYFNX Financial Rydex Funds
Burnham Financial Services A BURKX Financial Burnham
Davis Financial C DFFCX Financial Davis Funds
Rydex Financial Services Adv RYFAX Financial Rydex Funds
Kinetics Market Opportunities Inst KMKYX Financial Kinetics
Franklin Mutual Financial Services A TFSIX Financial Franklin Templeton Investments
Davis Financial B DFIBX Financial Davis Funds
Kinetics Market Opportunities No Load KMKNX Financial Kinetics
Kinetics Market Opportunities Adv A KMKAX Financial Kinetics
Rydex Financial Services C RYFCX Financial Rydex Funds
Burnham Financial Services C BURNX Financial Burnham
Franklin Mutual Financial Services C TMFSX Financial Franklin Templeton Investments
Fidelity Advisor® Financial Services I FFSIX Financial Fidelity Investments
Kinetics Market Opportunities Adv C KMKCX Financial Kinetics
Hennessy Small Cap Financial Instl HISFX Financial Hennessy
Fidelity® Select Financial Services Port FIDSX Financial Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Advisor® Financial Services A FAFDX Financial Fidelity Investments
Hennessy Small Cap Financial Investor HSFNX Financial Hennessy


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