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Purchasing Manager Index

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The PMI Report on Manufacturing is a monthly publication, researched and published by Markit. It is based on a survey of business executives in the reporting country's private sector manufacturing companies and is designed to provide the most up-to-date picture of business conditions in the private manufacturing sector.The survey covers industrial sectors based on Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) groups; Chemicals, Electrical, Food/Drink, Mechanical Engineering, Metals, Textiles, Timber/Paper, Transport, Other.Each response received is weighted according to the size of the company to which the questionnaire refers and the contribution to total manufacturing output accounted for by the sub-sector to which that company belongs. This therefore ensures that replies from larger companies have a greater impact on the final index numbers than replies from small companies. -Detailed PMI data are only available under licence from Markit and customers need to apply to Markit for a licence. To subscribe to the full data, click on the link below: For further information, please phone Markit on +44 20 7260 2454 or email