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Economic Calendar Terms

NAB Business Survey

Level 24 , 500 Bourke Street

Business confidence is a measure of respondents expectations of business conditions in their industry for the upcoming period. Business conditions is a simple average of trading, profitability and employment indices, reported by respondents for their company. The trading, profitability and other indices are calculated by taking the difference between the percentage of respondents nominating good or very good, or a rise and those nominating poor or very poor, or a fall. For example, if 25 per cent of respondents state that trading levels are good or very good and 10 per cent state these levels to be poor or very poor, the corresponding index of trading performance would be 15. The Capacity Utilisation Rate measures the degree to which an industry is operating at or below its full capacity level. The full capacity rate is defined as the maximum desirable level of output given existing capital equipment. The Capacity Utilisation Rate is calculated as the average of respondents capacity utilisation for the quarte