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Retail sales

Australian Statistician
Locked Bag 10
Belconnen ACT 2616

Estimates of turnover are based on a survey of about 7000 retail and selected service businesses (covering 20000 outlets). All large businesses are included in the survey, while a sample of about 4400 smaller businesses is selected. The large business contribution of approximately 54% of the total estimate ensures a highly reliable Australian total turnover estimate.

SCOPE AND COVERAGE: The Retail Trade survey covers all employing businesses, with at least one retail establishment. The scope of the survey (classified according to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification [ANZSIC]).

DEFINITION OF TURNOVER : Turnover includes retail sales; wholesale sales; takings from repairs, meals and hiring of goods (except for rent, leasing and hiring of land and buildings); and commissions from agency activity (e.g. commissions received from collecting dry cleaning, selling lot

Retail sales data represents total consumer purchase from retail stores. It provides valuable information about consumer spending which makes up the