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Economic Calendar Terms

TD-MI Inflation Gauge

TD-Melbourne Institute
Melbourne Institute of Applied
Economic and Social Research
Alan Gilbert Building
The University of Melbourne
Parkville Victoria 3010

The TD-Melbourne Institute experimental monthly price index contains about 750 individual price lines. Most of these represent prices of individual goods in particular stores; some are aggregates of prices collected by survey methods; Computer based web survey of approx 800 rental properties in Melbourne and Sydney; Computer based web survey of airline ticket prices Paper based survey of new car dealerships Web and newspaper based survey of new home builders.Prices are collected in middle two weeks of each month. Prices are aggregated up to the expenditure class level using a mixture of household expenditure survey based weights and equal weights where survey based weights are not feasible. Prices are aggregated from the expenditure class using the weights and weighting method employed by the ABS. This data is produced by TD Securities and Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research.