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Economic Calendar Terms

Retail Sales Y/Y

Central Statistics Office
Skehard Road,

The retail sales index covers on a sample basis, the retail sales of retail businesses, wholesale businesses with sizeable retailing activity and the separate sales establishments of non-distribution enterprises. Excluded from the index coverage are the direct retail sales from non-distribution establishments together with the incidental retail sales of wholesale businesses. Also excluded are sales by hawkers, street stalls and other retiling activities not conducted from permanent premises. The statistical unit used for reporting sales figures in this inquiry is the enterprises. The business categories and the underlying structural weighting of the retail sales index is based mainly on the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (NACE Rev. 1) The index system is structured on the retailing enterprises in the 2000 Annual Services Inquiry classified by 13 retail business categories and four turnover (excluding VAT) ranges.

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