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Economic Calendar Terms

Consumer confid. index

Cabinet Office,
Government of Japan
1-6-1 Nagata-cho,
Tokyo 100-8914,

The survey is conducted on a sample of 5040 households. One-person households, non-Japanese households and student households are excluded from the survey.

Consumer perceptions of the following four categories are surveyed: overall livelihood, income growth, employment, and willingness to buy durable goods. Respondents are asked to evaluate on a scale of one to five what they consider the prospects to be for the five subjects over the next six months. Points are then allotted in accordance with the one-to-five scale for each category based on the anticipated effects on consumption. The consumer perception index is calculated by computing the weighted average of the points of the results (component ratio).

The consumer confidence index (original figure) is then calculated by simply averaging the four consumer perception indexes (original figures).