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Economic Calendar Terms

Balance of Payments

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The current account is the international flow of money for purposes other than investments. It offers a broad picture of how an economy is managing its finances with the rest of the world. If a country has a deficit in its current account it means that it has a saving deficit. The country is living above its means and is gradually becoming indebted to the world. The current account consists of the net total of: -(BOP) TRADE BALANCE: Export f.o.b. less Imports c.i.f. -(BOP) GENERAL GOVERNMENT: This covers all government current expenditure and receipts not appropriated to trade balance or to other transactions. -(BOP) TRANSPORT: Sea Transport and Civil Aviation: Receipts and payments for passenger fares, freight, charter hire, passage money, oil bunkers, airport charges and other disbursements. -(BOP) TRAVEL: The net value of Personal expenditure from tourism. -(BOP) FINANCIALS AND OTHER SERVICES: -(BOP) INTEREST, PROFITS, AND DIVIDENDS -(BOP) TRANSFERS